Friday, May 18, 2012

the waiting game

today is the day when I should hear back about the (dream) job down in Champaign and whether or not I got it....

and I'm freaking out.

every time the phone buzzes, I get all nervous and weird! ugh!

plus, my inner fear-of-making-big-decisions is starting to come out and as much as I just want to get the call, I'm also dreading it because it may mean that I have some tough decisions to make.

Lord, guide me.
Help me to have the courage to follow the plan that you have in store for me.
Give my parents the patience and grace to support me no matter what I decide to do.

ps I'm fully aware that these past few posts have been super cryptic...hopefully, someday I'll be able to clear everything up :)

I was offered the job in Champaign!!! WOOT! Most likely going to take it, but they have graciously given me the weekend to think and pray about it....really excited :)

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