Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catholic Swag

Like I've said before, I'm a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Pinterest. A hazard that comes along with loving Pinterest is the idea that I can do pretty much anything, and until now, I haven't ventured to complete too many projects, mostly because I'm still in school and don't usually have the time, space, or resources to do them.

So, I have all these grand ideas and plans to put into action once graduation and the big move home are over....but, sometimes things just fall together...and this is how I got my brand new, CATHOLIC inspired sweatshirt :)

A little background info: for my birthday, I basically asked my mom just for a bunch of Catholic tshirts...and she gently suggested that perhaps I should ask for some professional, "big girl" clothes. *sigh* fiiiiine. However, being the generous woman that she is (and my father as well, don't want to neglect him), she ordered a fab tshirt that I can find it here. And so I was satisfied, for the time being. But since I had a few other shirts in mind that I was hoping for, I decided that those would be my first projects once I get my brothers' undershirt drawers and create!

But, like I said, sometimes things just fall together. Whilst filming this video, I found a sweatshirt. Yes, found. And yes, it was dirty. But luckily for little sweatshirt, I was doing laundry that day! And so began the brainstorming. I'll spare you the deets, but my inspiration finally came from this tshirt at
[btw...shameless plug...phatmass is freaking awesome. check out their stuff. seriously.]

The following are pics of the final products, I forgot to take pics throughout but if you have questions, feel free to comment!

front: fleur de lis

back: haters gonna hate
Basically, this was super easy...the front fleur de lis was a stamp that after I imprinted it onto the seatshirt, needed some filling in with a thin brush. For the back, I found some indoor/outdoor stickers at Hobby Lobby, stuck them on, and painted over. When the paint was semi-dry, I peeled the stickers off and have them saved to be used again! And the "Proverbs 9:8" was free-handed [as you can probably tell lol]

Pretty simple and a monkey could probably figure it out, but I didn't want to label this as DIY unless if I actually included a rough outline of directions :)

psyched to wear this asap :)

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