Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday

this was at least 2 years ago...a bunch of us from the Newman Center would go out on weekend nights, make pancakes, and pass them out to people on the streets. we had a lot of interesting experiences with these self-proclaimed "party people" and also had a number of opportunities to evangelize to the masses.

gooood times.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

three posts in three days?! whaaa?? I know. cray cray.

I haven't linked up with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple in a couple of months, and actually I'm pretty sure I've only done one other of these WIWSs....I usually peruse through the link-ups but just can never find the energy to take pictures of myself. SUCH a hard life.

but seeing as it's Papa Benny's last Sunday as Pope, I thought I'd give it another shot.

As some of you might know, I work for Students for Life of a nutshell, I work with pro-life college when they have an impromptu very important meeting, even if it's on a Sunday and I don't work on Sundays...I show up.

In honor of B16, I wore my fav Catholic t-shirt today to our meeting....which began at 1pm....aaaand didn't end until 4:30......aaaaand mass was at 5:15 across town.....aaaaand so while I felt like a total slob, I decided it was better for me to be super casual and have time to pray before mass than go home and definitely be late.

Being that this shirt reps our Holy Father, I felt a little less guilty that I was wearing a t-shirt, cardigan, jeans, and scuffed up canvas shoes to Sunday mass...

 I'm very sad to see Pope Benedict retire, though as we approach his stepping down and the *gasp* empty seat of Peter, I'm filled with an Easter-like hope and joy. I know that I will love our new Pope just as much as I've loved the other two Popes of my lifetime.

A couple of my students had this question today, to which I did not have an answer, maybe someone can answer it....during the period of time in which we do not have a Pope, during the mass, what will the priest say during this section of the Eucharistic prayer?
"...together with your servant N. our Pope and N. our Bishop..."
Perhaps they'll just skip over that part? I'm not sure...

Well, solemn Lent to you all and since I know you're all dyyyying for deets on my faaaabulous outfit.....

Catholic Swag
cardi: Old Navy
B16 t-shirt:
jeans: kohls?
shoes: Old Navy

check out FLAP for more elegant inspirations for mass attire :)

xo, mo

Saturday, February 23, 2013

just too good.

this has to be the funniest thing I've seen in awhile and was just too good to not share...

I'm sorry, tswizzle. I can't help myself.

oh, so you like goats? enjoy.

xo, morgan

Friday, February 22, 2013

quick takes (21)

same song and dance....linking up with Jen for another rendition of quick takes!

[1] This past weekend I traveled on over to my alma mater to spend some quality time with my bffs. garsh I miss them.

[2] Whilst (I've really been digging that word lately. whilstwhilstwhilst) in BloNo I got to visit thee cutest family with thee cutest little newborn boy. After three bee-you-tee-ful little girls, they finally got their boy :) of course, I'm the worst and didn't take any pictures of baby boy, but did snap a couple of the girls doing their musical number.

gahhh I love them.

[3] Also, one of my BFFs is preggers and we went baby clothes shopping. ohemgee. so freaking cute.
but I have one issue. ya see, they're having a boy and well, there just aren't nearly as many cute baby boy clothes as there are adorable baby girl clothes! what is up with that?! I mean, ok. There are some cute baby clothes. The little polo onesies and mini gingham shirts kill me. But they just don't compare to the little girl selection. ugh.

[4] Dudes. I can't get enough.

THRIFT SHOP (PG Radio Edit Clean version) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FEAT. WANZ from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

[5] Alright, let's get real. What with the Harlem Shake craze? ISU did it. LSFL did it. UIUC did it. The Clan did it. Who the freak is next? I vote for the Pattons, but hey, that's only 'cause I'm their #1stalkerfan

[6] Might as well keep the crazy train going....I'm sucked back into The Bachelor. Although, for the first time I waited until Miss Conductor of the Crazy Train herself was booted off. And yes, OF COURSE I'm talking about Ti-scare-a.
What.a.nightmare. oiy vey.


I hate myself for doing it but I've read all of the spoiler articles that say Catherine is "the one" but I'm not-so-secretly hoping that it's Lindsay. AshLee isn't horrible but the combo of her crazy eyes and how she refers to Sean as "that man" freaks me out juuuuust a leedle.

[6.5] and while I'm allowing people to judge me, I found Sean and Chris Harrison on Instagram this week. #bestweekever they definitely have some kind of #bromance going on there. too many hashtags? #never

[7] Am I a weirdo or does this show look hilarious? I miiiiight just add that to my must-watch list. Also, does anyone else watch The Following? ahhhh so disturbing but TOTALLY addicting. love me some Kevin Bacon.

head on over to Jen's for more riveting quick takes! happy weekend!

xo, mo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

bringing it wayyy back this week to a whole 1.5 years ago on my 21st anniversary of my birth.

a big thanks to the always delicious Fiesta Ranchera for sufficiently embarrassing me with sombreros and shots of tequila. I don't get embarrassed often, so they should count that as a success.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

life is good.

oh guys.....(ladies? readers?)

I love my job.

it's hard. and I'll admit, sometimes it sucks.
but I love it.

there have been a lot of bumps in the road and manymanymany hurdles that I've have to overcome but I am finally finding my footing and am so happy I stuck with it.

whilst on my weekly conference call with my [mentoring]boss, he mentioned that we need to take more time to revel in the successes of my weeks instead of spending 75% of our chat on the problems and I agree. perhaps that's why tonight was so good. and why I really didn't mind working until nearly 11pm.

because it was all good stuff. just good.

anyone who's ever worked with college students can attest that they aren't the easiest batch of folks to work with....but once you get into your groove...oh man. it's good.

that's all. I'm just happy.

.....oh and I apologize for being so.freaking.absent.
I don't mean it, I promise.
and I'm going to actually try to be better in the future.

mmkay bye.

xo, Morgan

Thursday, February 14, 2013

throwback thursday

I believe this was taken a couple of weeks following my inaugural 21st birthday at one of my very favorite bars in BloNo...and whaddaya know, I headed back there this weekend :)

ps moments after this pic was snapped, we got hit on...maybe I should try to revert to those skillz.....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Takes (20)

Rising from the blogging dead in order to tap out another round of takes....enjoy.

[1] Clearly, I'm still recuperating from the March for Life trip....which was two weeks ago. I'm pretty sure this is a sign that I'm getting old. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have children. Does anyone ever feel well rested after having children?

[2] Speaking of the M4L, the trip was a really great time...I have some really quality students that I work with and I'd have to say that my favorite part of the trip was attending Students for Life of America National Conference....which every year is the largest pro-life conference for students in the world. BAM!

It was a great day of world-renouned speakers and crazy happenings such as this video:

the kid in the bowtie with the megaphone is one of our kids. #soproud

[3] In other news, I'm currently house-hunting and while it was intimidating at first, there are a TON of rental properties available! We were planning on staying in the house that some missionaries and I rent together but have had a few issues as of late with management and think it's about time to start personal favorites are as follows: adorable brick, THERE'S A BAR IN THE BASEMENT!, and what the heck how is a house with that deck going for such a cheap rate?!. So we'll see. We have a couple of weeks before we know how many women will be on staff next year and so until then I'm having to hold my horses but they realllllllly don't like to be held.

[4] Any expert pasta makers out there? I'm making some homemade raviolis on Monday night and will take any advice that you have to give....hoping I don't mess it up too bad....

[5] My friend, Hannah, has discerned into religious life! Please watch this video and help her along her journey as you are able! Blessed Mother, pray for us!

[6] Do you love a good birth story as much as I do? Regardless of your answer, check out Grace's latest installment of baby Theo's arrival. And holy moly can you say "I'm never having babies because there's no way I'll ever look as good as her while in labor"? Cause I certainly can.

[7] I'm done. That was exhausting. See you in another 7 months.

Head on over to Jen's for more riveting takes.
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