Friday, January 25, 2013

Quick Takes: Why I'm Pro-Life

At the time that this post publishes, I will be en-route to Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life. In honor of this event, I give you "7 Quick Takes: Why I'm Pro-Life"
[1] "A person's a person no matter how small."
Dr. Seuss was very wise. And like he/Horton said, no matter the size of a human, they're still a human. Stage in development does not negate personhood.

[2] Abortion is the purposeful killing of another human being.
We have laws against murder. When asked, people will tell you that the reason is because it is not right for you to willfully kill someone else. Since we've established that an unborn child is indeed human, and the ending of a human's life is immoral, then why is it deemed acceptable?

[3] Abortion is bad for women.
Women who have abortions are seven times more likely to commit suicide, are four times more likely to have repeat abortions, and have a significantly increased risk of breast and cervical cancer. And women are still dying from having fact, one young woman died a few months ago at an abortion clinic in Chicago. So much for a simple, safe procedure.

[4] I believe in the sanctity of life.
Similar to [1], but biologists agree that life begins at conception...that's a FACT. We all talk in terms of "beliefs" and it is true that you must believe in something in order to be passionate about it; just knowing the facts isn't enough. I know that life begins at conception and I believe that we should respect life from beginning to end.

[5] There's no such thing as an "unwanted child".
Just because the mother of a child might not desire to parent doesn't mean that there aren't people out there who wouldn't love to call that child their own. I don't have a statistic handy, but I believe that it is still true that there are more couples seeking adoption than there are babies to go around.

[6] Everyone deserves the chance at life.
No matter what predetermined conditions or disabilities a child might be born into/with, they still should have a chance at life. Let's face it, life is tough. It's really hard and it's really sucky sometimes. But it's also full of beauty and joy and pleasure. There's no doubt that it would be difficult growing up homeless or fatherless or with a disability. But I would venture to say that even people born into the aforementioned situations have still been happy at some point in their life. Every life is worth living, no matter what others might think.

[7] Babies are beautiful!
To quote one of my good friends and new daddy to a beautiful baby girl,
"I don't know how anyone could say that they don't want kids. I have friends who say that they hate kids. They have no idea what they're missing."
Sure, maybe not everyone is cut out to be a parent, but that doesn't give those who don't desire parenthood to kill their unborn child.

In summation (I feel like I'm back in college...), I'm pro-life and darn proud of it. Sometimes it's hard to see progress in the movement, but being that this is a movement like the civil-rights movement, I am confident that abortion will end. It may not be as soon as we hope, but someday it will be but a sad, distant memory.
I mean really, how can you resist that face?!

Have a great weekend and head on over to Jen's more more takes!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinterest Review: DIY Vitamin C Mask

As promised, here is the first of what I hope to be weekly reviews of Pinterest DIY projects! Some will be skincare, some crafts, some even maybe gardening-related projects (I started composting last week!!! SUPER excited :) In the past year, I've pinned more ideas than I can remember with the thought "oh, I really need to do this sometime!"

well sometime is now.

Sooooo here we go! 

I'm always looking for new facial masks that can leave my face feeling refreshed. So you can imagine my glee when I found a DIY Vitamin C mask from Delighted Momma!

Vitamin C (as I'm told) is great for your skin as a natural brightener and since I had some VitC just laying around (don't ask why), I figured I'd take a whack at this recipe.

First you get yourself some powdered VitC...maybe you could just crush up some swallowables? Not sure. I got mine at Natural Gourmet. It can also be found here.
 cute bowl optional.

Then mix in some H2O until you've got a paste of sorts.
 Like so.

Aaaaaand spread it all over your face.
 better keep those eyes open to avoid VitC up the nose...

That's it! Check yourself out to ensure complete facial coverage.
Don't be concerned if it burns a little...happened to me too.

...wait for awhile until you're feeling kind of crusty... 

Then use a warm washcloth to remove the crustiness...
And voila! My skin definitely felt smoother and...brighter? I don't felt....refreshed is the word, I suppose. A few hours later, my skin was still oil-free, which NEVER happens so that was awesome.

I'd definitely recommend this Pinterest DIY and count it as a success!

Have you tried this mask? I'd love to hear about your results!

Monday, January 21, 2013

on this day...

On this day, let us remember those who have gone before us and take a note from their lives. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stopped at nothing to fight for what was right, and neither will we.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quick Takes (18)

Back for another week of takes with Jen and crew...

[1] This season of the Bachelor is probably going to be the most confusing one I've ever watched. Every other season has at least a few "contestants" who stand out...but with this group....I don't know...they all seem to run together. Except for the girl with one arm and I'm-a-two-faced-bword Tierra. Veeeery interesting.

[2] Ok, ok, I know I promised to start a new series of DIY projects this week...I'm sorry. I totally underestimated how taxing this first week back to school with the kiddos would be. BUT I have a couple of projects on's a preview pic...

Thiiiiiiis is going to be embarrassing.

[3] Two of my very best friends who got married in September and by some chance of fate, literally live 3 blocks from me are expecting a baby in June......AND IT'S A BOY!!!
I'm so super excited because I KNEW IT and to Auntie Morgan he will be "Beardsley".
Don't's a long story.

[4] One week, people. One week.

[5] While I really tried not to make any hardcore resolutions (because I tend to set unrealistic goals), I have been trying to eat's a really big shock for me to open the fridge and find more green things than processed things on my shelf. And I've really be loving making omelettes and eating grapefruit and yogurt and all sorts of other yummy (AND HEALTHY) foods :)

[6] A big shout out of thanks to Dwija who inspired and subsequestly aided me in starting my compost pile! It's pretty meager at the moment, but I'm super excited and hope to find time someday soon to post about it. But seriously, I'm excited. I've pretty much been talking about it alllll week long.

[7] This has been circling around Facebook and just gives me more of a desire to possibly someday adopt. If nothing else, it reminds me of how precious love and LIFE are.

That's all I've got...I'm tired and starting to feel sick (although I fiiiinally got my flu shot last week) and need to rest up for our biiiiig trip to D.C. on Thurs! Have a splendid Saturday!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Takes (17)

linking up with Jen again for another round of attempting-to-be-quick takes

[1] Even though I came back into town post-Christmas later than I'd expected, my roommates are all still gone. It was nice at first because my stuff was everywhere but now I'm getting back into the mode of thinking-someone's-hiding-in-the-bedrooms-upstairs-that-I-never-going-into-because-my-room-is-on-the-first-level. Totally rational, I know.

[2] After taking a gander at my bedside table, I realized that although I always have a book that I'm reading, mayyyybe I should try to finish one of these said books.....

to my credit, I'm completely done with How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul and I'm only about 110 pages from finishing The Lucky One. But to uncredit myself, I'm only on Day 9 of The Dating Fast after starting it 3 weeks ago... (this is my second time trying to finish...last time I got to Day 7)

[3] Parenthood was back this week and I was so.excited. And then Drew and his girlfriend got pregnant and she had an abortion. I was really very very upset. I plan on writing at least one post next week about it because I noticed things that I probably wouldn't if I didn't work in the Pro-Life movement.

[4] I've made more than a few resolutions for this new year, though I've decided to call them goals because resolution doesn't feel positive enough. One of these said goals is to blog more, because I figure if Grace can post every day after just having a baby, I sure as heck can post at least a few times a week.

[5] Another one of my New Years Goals is to do more DIY/crafty things. I have so many Pinterest projects pinned that I've been wanting to try so now's as good a time as any to start trying some of them out! I'm going to try to do one per week starting Monday so check back here to see what works and what bombs...I expect the failures to be the most entertaining :)

[6] After getting annoyed with myself about lamenting to the interwebs over and over about being single and lonely and blah blah blah, I feel like I've finally gained some sanity. Not sure exactly how it happened, but last night as I was making theee most delicious stir-fry  I realized that I was content. And even more than that, I started thinking of all of the things that I want to do and become good at before Mr. Right comes along and we live happily ever after. Cooking, for example. I'm pretty good at it, but I want to be a gourmet chef whipping up 4-coursers every night. Or at least someone who has more recipes up her sleeve than just a signature squash medley (which is faaaabuous, btdubs)

[7] In two weeks I'll be headed to D.C. with 110 college students for the March for Life. Just doin' my job #likeaboss

Head over to Conversion Diary for more!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

back in the swing

I'm baaaack, I'm baaaaack, we're getting Doug baaaack! And we're the three best friends....

anyone who can name that movie will be my bff&e&e.

But seriously. I'm back. A big huge thank you to everyone who reached out with your kind words of comfort in this rough time...the funeral was yesterday and it's funny how just when you think you don't have any more tears to shed, they just show up. Though it wasn't the best of circumstances to have a family get-together, it was really great to see my extended family, especially 2 new cousins who I hadn't met yet...both little girls who're 6 mo and 4 days old, respectively. caaaan't geeeet enouuuuugh!

Today was my first day back at work and while I reeeeeally don't enjoy getting up before the sun rises...and it was especially difficult after 2 weeks of party-til-2-then-sleep-past-noon #nightowllife....I had a really good day and it felt! soooo. goooood.

Anywho.....did anyone catch The Bachelor on Monday?! While I definitely cannot top Ashley's review of the show, I will say that I'm super excited for this season.

Is the show stupid? Yes.
Would I ever apply to be on the show? Heck to the no.
But is watching 25 craycray girls fight over one supersupersuper cute and funny and sweet and cute guy totally fun? Yuuuuus.

So much drama.

I have to say, the previews make this season look pretty intense...some cat fights that even lead to hospitalization? whaaa?

And I'm already slightly bummed because the girl who I initially liked, Tierra (see above), seems like she's going to be the worst one of all. Shoooot. But she really seemed so normal and sweet in her initial interview!! And she got the first impression rose! After just meeting Sean! Gahh maybe I just like a basketcase...

AHHHHHHHH!!! She was my absolute favorite on Ben's season and for the life of me cannot remember why he bumped her....oh wait, he went for the crazy model. Riiiight. Which is why every model on this season already has a strike against her. Sorry ladies.

That's not even a real smile, dude.

Ok, I'm gonna stop before I go any further, but actually, just one more thing....that convo between Sean and Arie was suuuper awk but I was overjoyed at Arie's kissing advice because let's be honest, Sean uses wayyyyy too much tongue. ammiright?

ok I'm done. byeee.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

rest in peace, little one

After resolving to appreciate each and every day this year, I was hit with some heart-wrenching news this morning.

About a half an hour before we left for mass this morning, my mom received a call that our cousin - and my goddaughter - Veronica Mary, had passed away. She was barely a month old.

I ask for your prayers for our family, as we're falling apart at the seams. I have confidence that our Lord has a plan in the midst of this heartbreaking time, but it is very hard to accept that a beautiful and seemingly healthy baby could be taken from us so quickly.

Thank you in advance. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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