Sunday, April 29, 2012

my new love, Polyvore

I discovered Polyvore a couple of weeks ago and given my new-found passion for fashion [I'm a poet and I didn't even...] I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and began creating! Below are a couple of my favorite creations and I plan on posting more as time goes on :)

Summer Wedding ChicsoireeFresh Friday

WEEKENDcomfy saturdayFarmer's Market

for more looks, check out my Polyvore page :)


I've dealt with this issue before...where I stay up for no particular reason until all hours of the night. And I do it to myself...get into a cycle which in the end is very hard to break because I like naps and I like staying up late...ughhh.

Also, I'm a the point where I leave things to the veeeery last second...until the point where if I don't get started NOW, it won't be done in time.
Exhibit A: Final Research Paper Outline due Monday 
Guess who hasn't begun that little number yet? Yours truly. woopdeedoo

It'll get done, it just will be stressful at the time and lead to my usual Sunday to Monday routine:

Step 1: Stay up WAAAY too late Sunday finishing HW [aka between 3&4AM] and end up looking like this:

Step 2: Have every intention of getting up for 7AM mass in the morning, set alarm

Step 3: wake up at 6:30AM and decide that Jesus understands that I'm just too tired

Step 4: Wake up with barely enough time to shower and look presentable [aka fully clothed] before class

Step 5: Repeat EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

Maybe this week is the week to break the vicious cycle?? Not likely...especially since this is the last week of classes before finals week...sooo yeahhhh. But who knows! It could happen! I'll keep ya posted...aka myself and my imaginary readers :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY wire rings

Another Pinterest inspired DIYs...with a little twist. (pun intended)  I saw a post about how to make a "knot ring", which really intrigued me because I have tried to make wire rings before but always end up not being able to come up with a solution for the sharp ends of the wire...I've tried filing, cutting, glueing, etc...nothing worked! So when I saw the knot ring, it dawned on me: "make the wire end at the TOP of your finger!" DUH. 

While I love the look of the knot ring, all I had was 24 gauge wire, and the knot ring would look probably cooler with 20 gauge. Solution? Find/scavenge for old/unused beads to have as the "stone" in my ring! Perfect!
So here's the play-by-play:

You'll need some wire (I used 1.5 feet), a bead of your choosing - size doesn't matter, pliers of some sort, and a highlighter or marker.

1. Measure - using your cut wire - how big you want the ring to be. Once you've decided on a finger and size, find a marker of some sort that is the same size around as your finger...this will be a "replacement finger" so you will have both hands to work with.

2. Wrap wire around chosen marker/item and poke wire ends through appropriate sides of bead hole.

3. Wrap wire around marker and through holes once more and begin to encircle bead with the wire, poking in and around other wires to ensure that the loops stay in place.

4. Once you are done wrapping bead and have used up all of the wire, use pliers to bend ends into the center as to prevent scratching of your fingers...this is where you can be a little more experimental as far as how it will best suit you to avoid scratches.

5. Voila!

***additional pictures of other rings with similar concept*** 

This final photo is of a ring made of wire alone, sort of a variation of the original knot ring...just wrapped the wire around itself until it began to take the shape of a bead.

I'm super happy with the results and even more so because I didn't spend a penny to make these beauties...I had the wire left over from a previous project and found the beads in my jewelry boxes...double win! :)

Happy DIY-ing! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (1)

I've seen some of my favorite bloggers do a quick overview of their weeks with "7 Quick Takes Fridays" so I thought I'd start that too!

I got a job interview today! In exactly 2 weeks, I'll be graduating and still have not found employment. EEK! But I got a call for an interview at a daycare/preschool in my hometown...3 BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE. I literally can walk to work (provided that I get the job). It's also full-time and in the infant room ((I.LOVE.BABIES.)) and I'm excited :) So we'll see!

I realized this week that I am going to be getting my best GPA this semester out of my entire college career...too bad this "good-student" bug didn't catch earlier!

I've been rocking to this song a lot lately...I don't know why it's not on the radio! I love it so much!

I recently discovered Grace over at Camp Patton and she cracks me up! Not only does she give a totally honest take on motherhood, but she also has a series called "Simon Says" where she posts all of the hilarious things that her husband says. Love it! I'm a big fan of people who tell it like it is. While I have no personal experience in this department, I know that parenthood isn't always butterflies and rainbows and it's not too often that you find someone who is willing to post the more ridiculous (and therefore hilarious) pictures of their children...cracks me up!

The weather this week has been totally beautiful! May seem like a weird thing to have as my quick take, but it just makes me happy! Some University workers were cutting grass on the quad and the smell of freshly cut grass is one of my favorites...mixed with the gorgeous sunshine and blooming flowers, I couldn't have asked for a better week!

Speaking of my quad...Illinois State University definitely has the most beautiful quad that I have ever is literally what sold me on the school and I can't believe it took until my senior year to finally appreciate how gorgeous it is!

And finally....drumroll please.........
Today is my birthday! 
Somehow, that seems more momentous than even the beloved "21" :)

Have a splendid Friday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

grown up

"Are you SO excited to be graduating in 14 days?!"
"So what are your plans for after graduation?"
"You're a Psychology major? You're going to grad school right?"
"Any responses on those job applications?"

all of the questions above make me shudder. literally.

They're expected, sure...because let's face it, I AM 2 weeks from graduating and by this point, most people have their plans set in place. Nope. Not me.

false. I do not.
I am spontaneous...when it comes to roadtrips, new drinks, clothes, etc. but not my future. I like a plan.

I have an outline at least...moving back in with my parents and younger siblings...woopee. :P No, I really am grateful...because of this fallback option, I don't have to worry about having to figure out how to pay my first couple months rent, finding an apartment/roommates, etc. but a job would be nice...anything, really would be nice. And it's not that I mind that people ask me questions about my's just that when they come from all angles and are sometimes insensitive (*ahem* "You can't do ANYTHING with just a Psych degree!") I'm just like "Really? C'mon man..." and stress even more. 

Trust. This is all a lesson in trust. Trust in the Lord, trust in His goodness, trust in His plan for me which is much greater and better than I could ever dream up. I just need to learn to be patient and trust that He'll reveal it all in good time :)

But the upside to being an almost-graduated-senior is that I do have quite a bit of time on my hands, which means that I can make videos like this:

fab. I love my friends :)

Photo Coasters

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. Obsessed. So when I needed to figure out what I was giving my friends K&A for a bridal shower gift, being the money-less college kid that I am, I turned to the oh-so-inspiring Pinterest for ideas on DIY gifts. There are SO many great ideas, but my favorite was homemade coasters! How cute! AND CHEAP!!! Best part. :)

My inspiration came from Sharon at Two Girls Being Crafty and posted it on Pinterest, naturally. BUT that pin got 258 repins! Holy Shamoly! That made me happy and excited...but I are some photos and comments on how I made my loverly coasters! I am extremely proud of myself and think they look very nice if I do say so myself! :)

the complete directions for these coasters can be found here

bought 8 tiles at Menards for $0.13 each

Mod Podge cut out pieces of felt to the bottom to prevent scratches :)

slimmed down 4X6 pictures to be PERFECTLY for these tiles

Mod Podge pictures FRONT & BACK to tiles...allow to dry until no longer tacky

UPDATE: DO NOT Mod Podge the front! Only Mod Podge the backs of the photos so that they stick to the tiles...I ended up with some weird lines and bumps and the top layer peeled off....gross.

when tiles are no longer tacky, use waterproof craft spray according to directions to seal

allow to dry/set (I did for 12 hrs to be safe) and spray with seal again if desired
NOTE: K&A are super cute, yes?! they're getting married on their 7th anniversary! adorbs.

These were honestly a lot simpler than I expected...granted, I was sort of stressing because the shower is Saturday and if I messed them up I would have to figure something out quick...and be out some money.

Speaking of money, here's a break-down of what I spent to make these bad boys

                        8 tiles at $0.13 each = $1.04
                                         black felt = $0.23
                        Krylon Matte Spray = $3.67
                                    Mod Podge = $6.97
                      set of 3 foam brushes = $0.97
     8 one hour photos at $0.19 each = $1.52
                     SUBTOTAL = 14.40 + tax

Awesome! All of the good items left on K&A's registry were at least $15, so I think I got a pretty good deal! And keep in mind that if you already have a sealant spray, brushes, Mod Podge and/or felt, you're golden and looking at a subtotal of about $2.56. That's fab. Although I didn't have any of those supplies, I do now and can use them in the future, so they're more like an investment, right? Right. I mean, let's be honest...normal college kids don't have sealant spray laying around...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

for your pickled pleasure

I LOVE pickles. Like, LOVE them. In fact, I am currently eating some right now. At 1:40AM.

No, I am not pregnant. Yes, I am in college. BAM.

And only dill pickles...not sweet. sick. Just thinking about sweet pickles makes me gag...bleh. The best pickles are Milwaukee's Midget Pickles...whoever's in charge of the pickles and olives for family holidays KNOWS that this is the brand you buy. The pickles are so tiny and cute and taste A-MAY-ZING. I eat like 50 pickles throughout these fam parties. Legit.

Random post, yes...but this is what's on my mind at the moment. Plus, it's not like anyone reads my blog anyway :)

Funny thing though...I HATE cucumbers...huh.
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