Sunday, April 29, 2012


I've dealt with this issue before...where I stay up for no particular reason until all hours of the night. And I do it to myself...get into a cycle which in the end is very hard to break because I like naps and I like staying up late...ughhh.

Also, I'm a the point where I leave things to the veeeery last second...until the point where if I don't get started NOW, it won't be done in time.
Exhibit A: Final Research Paper Outline due Monday 
Guess who hasn't begun that little number yet? Yours truly. woopdeedoo

It'll get done, it just will be stressful at the time and lead to my usual Sunday to Monday routine:

Step 1: Stay up WAAAY too late Sunday finishing HW [aka between 3&4AM] and end up looking like this:

Step 2: Have every intention of getting up for 7AM mass in the morning, set alarm

Step 3: wake up at 6:30AM and decide that Jesus understands that I'm just too tired

Step 4: Wake up with barely enough time to shower and look presentable [aka fully clothed] before class

Step 5: Repeat EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

Maybe this week is the week to break the vicious cycle?? Not likely...especially since this is the last week of classes before finals week...sooo yeahhhh. But who knows! It could happen! I'll keep ya posted...aka myself and my imaginary readers :)

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