Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (1)

I've seen some of my favorite bloggers do a quick overview of their weeks with "7 Quick Takes Fridays" so I thought I'd start that too!

I got a job interview today! In exactly 2 weeks, I'll be graduating and still have not found employment. EEK! But I got a call for an interview at a daycare/preschool in my hometown...3 BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE. I literally can walk to work (provided that I get the job). It's also full-time and in the infant room ((I.LOVE.BABIES.)) and I'm excited :) So we'll see!

I realized this week that I am going to be getting my best GPA this semester out of my entire college career...too bad this "good-student" bug didn't catch earlier!

I've been rocking to this song a lot lately...I don't know why it's not on the radio! I love it so much!

I recently discovered Grace over at Camp Patton and she cracks me up! Not only does she give a totally honest take on motherhood, but she also has a series called "Simon Says" where she posts all of the hilarious things that her husband says. Love it! I'm a big fan of people who tell it like it is. While I have no personal experience in this department, I know that parenthood isn't always butterflies and rainbows and it's not too often that you find someone who is willing to post the more ridiculous (and therefore hilarious) pictures of their children...cracks me up!

The weather this week has been totally beautiful! May seem like a weird thing to have as my quick take, but it just makes me happy! Some University workers were cutting grass on the quad and the smell of freshly cut grass is one of my favorites...mixed with the gorgeous sunshine and blooming flowers, I couldn't have asked for a better week!

Speaking of my quad...Illinois State University definitely has the most beautiful quad that I have ever is literally what sold me on the school and I can't believe it took until my senior year to finally appreciate how gorgeous it is!

And finally....drumroll please.........
Today is my birthday! 
Somehow, that seems more momentous than even the beloved "21" :)

Have a splendid Friday!

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