Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Takes (27)

link link linking up with Jen again this week....

[1] I've been on a Staff Retreat all week and it's been really great to spend time with our newest coworker as well and bond as a team. Since we all live and work in different cities, it's a rare treat that we spend so much time together. It's be awesome, aaaaand exhausting. But mostly awesome.

[2] I am SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce the debut of the "Not Alone Series" link-up we've been talking about for so long! Jen and I have been working on the formation of this for quite some time and are really excited to get started!

We are starting this weekly series this Tuesday, June 4!

There will be a new topic each week and will discuss everything from single life to discernment to dating!
It's important to note that Jen and I (and anyone else linking up) are not necessarily providing a "how-to" to finding perfect contentment in single life....that heavy stuff should be left up to prayer and the Lord, no?
And believe me, we are seeking answers too!
We hope for this series to be about our own experiences, what has (or hasn't!) worked for us (or YOU!)  , as well as a community of people to offer encouragement and support for us all to know that we are not alone on this journey!

So please link-up with us here on June 4th! This first week just tell everyone a little bit about yourself, where you are on the singleness road (dating, single, religious life, whatever!) and what you hope to get through this series!

And if there are any topics on your heart that you would like to be discussed at some point, please do not hesitate to email me, email Jen, or comment below! (hopefully your email is linked to your name!) We are so excited and really do want this to be interactive....this is for YOU too!!!

[3] I'm pretty much brain-dead right now, so the following takes will be pictures and videos of what my week has looked like. Enjoy :)

coffee. LOTS of coffee.


[5] Catchphrasing!

gangsta-ing (my bosses)

[7] And last but not least, your prayers would be very much appreciated right now....we're headed back into fundraising mode for the next two months. Very stressful, VERY necessary and time-sensitive. I trust that the Lord will provide, and I ask that you pray for the generosity of people I am approaching! We cannot build a Culture of Life without the support of others! Thank you!

Please head over to Jen's to read more QTs!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

{simple saturday}

Linking up with Iris at Country Girl's Daybook for {Simple Saturday}

Keeping things simple around here is not easy for me, in fact, I tend to make everything more complicated than need be. So this should be good practice :)

Head over to Iris to for more [Simple Saturday} reads!

xo, mo

Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Takes (26): awkward edition

linking up with the fab Jen Fulwiler...

[1] Fridays are more likely than not non-shower days. I just like sleep (and moscato...) way too much and leave little to no time to do much more than pour some delay-timer coffee and brush my teeth.
Hey, Fridays are causal at the office. Whatevs.

[2] So then I had to make the run of all runs to Office Depot to buy hundreds of dollars worth of envelopes and cardstock smelling like I hadn't showered in more than 18 hrs (true) or washed my hair in 2 days (also true...I'm on a wash every other day sched. I know you were dyyying to know.) And who should be the Depoter to wait on my hand and foot but tall, cute, lovely bearded new guy. Jen's post from last night came to mind and in my head I was all "yeah! you can do this! be confident!" I flirted in my coy fashion:

me: *carrying a Staples box full of brochures to be folded* I wasn't just at Staples, I printed them myself, I swear *wink*
tall, cute, lovely bearded new guy: *long pause to get the joke* oh haha.....

ps I didn't actually wink

[3] so maaaaybe I'm a little rusty. or a lot. again, whatevs. I went about my business, picked up my folded brochures, paid, and left (but only after leaving and then coming back INTO the store to return a cart because apparently they don't know what a cart corral is)
Welllll I get back to the office to tell my boss about the cute guy I kinda sorta flirted with and he asks if I usually use our non-profit card to be tax-exempt aka pay A LOT less when you buy hundreds of dollars worth of envelopes and cardstock. To which I must reply
"gahhh I ALWAYS do. I NEVER forget! but but but.....I was distracted! His beard! It was so marvelous!"
cue awkward silence followed by uncontrollable laughter not. from. me.

[4] *side note: yes, I like beards. I like 'em a lot. Facial hair in general. Beards and a good, well-maintained scruff.



[5] aaaaanyway. Due to my slight oversight, I must go back to le Depot tomorrow to get some of our monies back. How embarrassing. But at least this time, I will be showered.

From all the ladies out there (or maybe men who accidentally stumbled here?), any flirting tips? The one I try to invoke most often is trying not to care so much. I find that trying too hard comes off as.....trying too hard... Flirting should be easy and fun, right?

[6] This upcoming week (after my THREE DAY WEEKEND!) we have a staff retreat featuring our BRAND NEW STAFF MEMBER! I'm just a lot excited. She's one of our former student leaders and is going to be awesome at this Campus Mentor stuff. I cannot wait!

[7] What do you have planned this weekend? I hope something fun. I'm going to be sleeping. And drinking beer. And hanging out a coffee shop all day just. because. I. can.

Cheers to you and your weekend!

xo, morgan

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Favorites

[1] I've been to the library every day this week and have 36 items checked out. I'm thinking that maybe I should just start my own library...

[2] This impending 3-day weekend! I haven't had a break in more than a month. I have big plans to clean, sit on my roof drinking beer, and sleeeeeep. Oh, and THE BACHELORETTE PREMIERES ON MONDAY.

[3] I've been spending more time in my backyard since this weather is still gorgeous and found these flowers, which according to Stacey are peonies. They smell so lovely and just brighten up the house! And the best part is I have a thriving garden without doing any work! Ahhh the pleasures of renting....

[4] I am LOVING my empty house right now. All of my roommates moved out about 2 weeks ago and while I'm still carrying around a baseball bat in the dark in case a serial killer is around the corner, I'm really enjoying it. I've been rearranging and cleaning in a way that I can only describe as nesting....which is weird, but it's true.

[5] I've loved OK Go ever since sophomore year of high school when a Mormon boy named Trennon made me a mix CD of their music. And today I checked out their latest album from the library...loveloveLOVE. Someday I'll write about how OK Go is the most underappreciated musical sensation of my generation, but for now just enjoy this music video...

Hop on over to Hallie's for more Five Favorites!

xo, mo

Friday, May 17, 2013

Quickest Takes (25)

I should be packing/leaving for home instead of writing this post and watching Sister Wives, so these are gonna be quick.

[1] I'm heading to Chicago tonight for the fourth time in two weeks....don't worry, I'll be recapping that torture experience soonish.

[2] I REALLY can't wait to go home because I get to see two of my best friends of whom I haven't seen since NYE because she lives in Texas. Boo. Can't wait!

[3] I've been thinking about getting my hair cut for awhile now, but I'm hesitant because I reallyreallyreally love how long my hair is getting and I'm afraid of what a hairdresser will do because it seems like they get a little snipping-happy and I never know how many times I'm "allowed" to ask her if she knows what she's doing. BUT THEN I saw what a fab job Grace did on her hair (don't deny it, you look so.cute.) aaand so now maybe I'll cut my own hair? gahhh I don't know.

[4] Ok, I just have to echo Amanda's raving review of The Band Perry's new album Pioneer. I. Love. It. Can't get enough. I'm a Keeper is one of my favorites. Give it a listen:

[5] Summer is my favorite time of year. Not because of the sun and warmth (although I do love that), but because campus is EMPTY. And it is SO great to not risk hitting 20 different people on 20 separate occasions within a 2 block stretch. I grammed this photo yesterday, but here are a couple better, more campus-y photos to depict how dead campus is. I think the fact that I simply work on campus, rather than being a student, makes my tolerance for busy streets and idiot pedestrians significantly lower...ah well. One more virtue to work on...

[6] The big reason I'm heading home this weekend is for my cousin's Bachelorette Party, aaaand I'm the MOH. Wowza. I'm super excited to celebrate with her AND to bequeath to her these lovely coasters I made for them....DIY tutorial here.

aren't they the cutest?!?

[7] And a big Happy Birthday to sweet little Anne, who's now THREE! Cannot believe how fast that happened! Love you, little lady!

a great weekend to you and yours! Head over to Jen's for more! :)

xo, morgan

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pinterest Review: DIY Thyme and ACV Toner

Like I've said before, I'll try pretty much any kind of skin care remedy out there. After years of testing different products for my oily and acne-prone skin, I love it when I come across a DIY recipe that could not only save me money, but also be better for my skin!

I came across this recipe for a DIY Thyme and Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, another project from Delighted Momma. This toner is said to help clear skin better than benzoyl peroxide...whaa? Yes please let me try this!

So I got my thyme and I got my Apple Cider Vinegar and I heated and mixed...


And I strained (using the mini strainer that I used to make my hippie coffee) and poured into an old hotel shampoo bottle...

And then I tried it on my skin.

I'm sure that everything they say about thyme being better than benzoyl peroxide is perfectly true....but let me make a couple observations about this particular toner:

1. The smell of ACV is wayyyyy strong. Like, so-strong-I-had-to-air-out-my-entire-house strong.
2. Also, I hate the smell of vinegar....
3. ...thus I HATED my face smelling like ACV.

So it's fair to say that I was not a fan of this particular DIY....maybe there's another liquid I could use instead of ACV? It might be completely fine for other less babyish peeps, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm a baby. Totes.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else used this and had success? I'd love to know if it was worth the smell...but at this point, all it's going to benefit is my compost pile :)

xo, Morgan

Sunday, May 5, 2013

cinco de mayo

This weekend has been crazy busy, and since I had a 22.5 hr work day Saturday, I'm not celebrating Cinco de Mayo in my usual fashion, but just had to share the following as it made me literally LOL


have a great Monday!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Favorites

[1] The weather this week!!! It's been 80s every single day and I am LOVING it! For central IL, this is BIG news :)

[2] Amanda's latest post, "just don't say it: Singlehood". Oh man, if you know anyone at all who is single, PLEASE read it. It's SO TRUE. My favorite part:

[3] Anyone remember when "Poking" on le FB was a thing? Leave it to my long lost friends and I to bring it back....I think it's hilarious that this is the most we've interacted with one another in months!

[4] I got a new dress this weekend for our company banquets this upcoming week!!! I'm super excited and had to call one of my girlfriends to gush about it because I work with all men and well, they just don't understand.

[5] BABIES!!! This past weekend, I attended a baby shower for one of my dearest friends and oh. my. goodness. I CANNOT wait for little man to get here in June!!! Thank the Lord I only live 3 blocks away :)

isn't Mama the cutest?!?

Hop on over to Hallie's for more favs!

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