Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Takes (26): awkward edition

linking up with the fab Jen Fulwiler...

[1] Fridays are more likely than not non-shower days. I just like sleep (and moscato...) way too much and leave little to no time to do much more than pour some delay-timer coffee and brush my teeth.
Hey, Fridays are causal at the office. Whatevs.

[2] So then I had to make the run of all runs to Office Depot to buy hundreds of dollars worth of envelopes and cardstock smelling like I hadn't showered in more than 18 hrs (true) or washed my hair in 2 days (also true...I'm on a wash every other day sched. I know you were dyyying to know.) And who should be the Depoter to wait on my hand and foot but tall, cute, lovely bearded new guy. Jen's post from last night came to mind and in my head I was all "yeah! you can do this! be confident!" I flirted in my coy fashion:

me: *carrying a Staples box full of brochures to be folded* I wasn't just at Staples, I printed them myself, I swear *wink*
tall, cute, lovely bearded new guy: *long pause to get the joke* oh haha.....

ps I didn't actually wink

[3] so maaaaybe I'm a little rusty. or a lot. again, whatevs. I went about my business, picked up my folded brochures, paid, and left (but only after leaving and then coming back INTO the store to return a cart because apparently they don't know what a cart corral is)
Welllll I get back to the office to tell my boss about the cute guy I kinda sorta flirted with and he asks if I usually use our non-profit card to be tax-exempt aka pay A LOT less when you buy hundreds of dollars worth of envelopes and cardstock. To which I must reply
"gahhh I ALWAYS do. I NEVER forget! but but but.....I was distracted! His beard! It was so marvelous!"
cue awkward silence followed by uncontrollable laughter not. from. me.

[4] *side note: yes, I like beards. I like 'em a lot. Facial hair in general. Beards and a good, well-maintained scruff.



[5] aaaaanyway. Due to my slight oversight, I must go back to le Depot tomorrow to get some of our monies back. How embarrassing. But at least this time, I will be showered.

From all the ladies out there (or maybe men who accidentally stumbled here?), any flirting tips? The one I try to invoke most often is trying not to care so much. I find that trying too hard comes off as.....trying too hard... Flirting should be easy and fun, right?

[6] This upcoming week (after my THREE DAY WEEKEND!) we have a staff retreat featuring our BRAND NEW STAFF MEMBER! I'm just a lot excited. She's one of our former student leaders and is going to be awesome at this Campus Mentor stuff. I cannot wait!

[7] What do you have planned this weekend? I hope something fun. I'm going to be sleeping. And drinking beer. And hanging out a coffee shop all day just. because. I. can.

Cheers to you and your weekend!

xo, morgan


  1. bahahaha!!! This made me laugh out loud... a.lot.

    No idea about flirting. Uh, you're talking to ME! Gosh, I am super awkward. But, if I was super good at it, of course it should be fun! and effortless! And NOT obvious. So, that's what I've got for ya! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hey Morgan! #5 Your job is to stop, smile, make eye contact and be open. His job is to initiate and chase you down to get your number. If he doesn't, then blame it on the veil. ;)

    p.s. Loved Jen's post too! What you girls are describing is normal. The awkwardness you are feeling reflects your healthy desire for the guy to do the chasing. And, when he doesn't, it feels awkward.

  3. Hahahah the only thing I could think of after you mentioned beards was Beardsley ;)

    Was he there when you had to stroll back in for your monies?

  4. I'm new to your blog - and with that picture of Chris Pine....I'm hooked. I'm with you on the facial hair, girl! Also, your Not Alone Series intrigues me and excites me. Go single ladies!


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