Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Favorites

[1] I've been to the library every day this week and have 36 items checked out. I'm thinking that maybe I should just start my own library...

[2] This impending 3-day weekend! I haven't had a break in more than a month. I have big plans to clean, sit on my roof drinking beer, and sleeeeeep. Oh, and THE BACHELORETTE PREMIERES ON MONDAY.

[3] I've been spending more time in my backyard since this weather is still gorgeous and found these flowers, which according to Stacey are peonies. They smell so lovely and just brighten up the house! And the best part is I have a thriving garden without doing any work! Ahhh the pleasures of renting....

[4] I am LOVING my empty house right now. All of my roommates moved out about 2 weeks ago and while I'm still carrying around a baseball bat in the dark in case a serial killer is around the corner, I'm really enjoying it. I've been rearranging and cleaning in a way that I can only describe as nesting....which is weird, but it's true.

[5] I've loved OK Go ever since sophomore year of high school when a Mormon boy named Trennon made me a mix CD of their music. And today I checked out their latest album from the library...loveloveLOVE. Someday I'll write about how OK Go is the most underappreciated musical sensation of my generation, but for now just enjoy this music video...

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xo, mo


  1. Woah, thanks for the 3 day weekend reminder! I made headlines at work earlier this year for showing up on a Federal Holiday... I called it a "Homeschool Moment." Haha!

    God bless!

  2. YAY for long weekends! And, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE BACHELORETTE!!!! Also, that OK Go video was awesome. I used to like a few of their songs back in the day, after one of them was on The OC (do you remember that show? I know you are a few years younger than me, and I don't remember how long it was on... I was obsessed with that show.). Anyway... I will have to check out some more of their recent stuff. :)


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