Friday, May 17, 2013

Quickest Takes (25)

I should be packing/leaving for home instead of writing this post and watching Sister Wives, so these are gonna be quick.

[1] I'm heading to Chicago tonight for the fourth time in two weeks....don't worry, I'll be recapping that torture experience soonish.

[2] I REALLY can't wait to go home because I get to see two of my best friends of whom I haven't seen since NYE because she lives in Texas. Boo. Can't wait!

[3] I've been thinking about getting my hair cut for awhile now, but I'm hesitant because I reallyreallyreally love how long my hair is getting and I'm afraid of what a hairdresser will do because it seems like they get a little snipping-happy and I never know how many times I'm "allowed" to ask her if she knows what she's doing. BUT THEN I saw what a fab job Grace did on her hair (don't deny it, you look so.cute.) aaand so now maybe I'll cut my own hair? gahhh I don't know.

[4] Ok, I just have to echo Amanda's raving review of The Band Perry's new album Pioneer. I. Love. It. Can't get enough. I'm a Keeper is one of my favorites. Give it a listen:

[5] Summer is my favorite time of year. Not because of the sun and warmth (although I do love that), but because campus is EMPTY. And it is SO great to not risk hitting 20 different people on 20 separate occasions within a 2 block stretch. I grammed this photo yesterday, but here are a couple better, more campus-y photos to depict how dead campus is. I think the fact that I simply work on campus, rather than being a student, makes my tolerance for busy streets and idiot pedestrians significantly lower...ah well. One more virtue to work on...

[6] The big reason I'm heading home this weekend is for my cousin's Bachelorette Party, aaaand I'm the MOH. Wowza. I'm super excited to celebrate with her AND to bequeath to her these lovely coasters I made for them....DIY tutorial here.

aren't they the cutest?!?

[7] And a big Happy Birthday to sweet little Anne, who's now THREE! Cannot believe how fast that happened! Love you, little lady!

a great weekend to you and yours! Head over to Jen's for more! :)

xo, morgan

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