Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo Coasters

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. Obsessed. So when I needed to figure out what I was giving my friends K&A for a bridal shower gift, being the money-less college kid that I am, I turned to the oh-so-inspiring Pinterest for ideas on DIY gifts. There are SO many great ideas, but my favorite was homemade coasters! How cute! AND CHEAP!!! Best part. :)

My inspiration came from Sharon at Two Girls Being Crafty and posted it on Pinterest, naturally. BUT that pin got 258 repins! Holy Shamoly! That made me happy and excited...but I are some photos and comments on how I made my loverly coasters! I am extremely proud of myself and think they look very nice if I do say so myself! :)

the complete directions for these coasters can be found here

bought 8 tiles at Menards for $0.13 each

Mod Podge cut out pieces of felt to the bottom to prevent scratches :)

slimmed down 4X6 pictures to be PERFECTLY for these tiles

Mod Podge pictures FRONT & BACK to tiles...allow to dry until no longer tacky

UPDATE: DO NOT Mod Podge the front! Only Mod Podge the backs of the photos so that they stick to the tiles...I ended up with some weird lines and bumps and the top layer peeled off....gross.

when tiles are no longer tacky, use waterproof craft spray according to directions to seal

allow to dry/set (I did for 12 hrs to be safe) and spray with seal again if desired
NOTE: K&A are super cute, yes?! they're getting married on their 7th anniversary! adorbs.

These were honestly a lot simpler than I expected...granted, I was sort of stressing because the shower is Saturday and if I messed them up I would have to figure something out quick...and be out some money.

Speaking of money, here's a break-down of what I spent to make these bad boys

                        8 tiles at $0.13 each = $1.04
                                         black felt = $0.23
                        Krylon Matte Spray = $3.67
                                    Mod Podge = $6.97
                      set of 3 foam brushes = $0.97
     8 one hour photos at $0.19 each = $1.52
                     SUBTOTAL = 14.40 + tax

Awesome! All of the good items left on K&A's registry were at least $15, so I think I got a pretty good deal! And keep in mind that if you already have a sealant spray, brushes, Mod Podge and/or felt, you're golden and looking at a subtotal of about $2.56. That's fab. Although I didn't have any of those supplies, I do now and can use them in the future, so they're more like an investment, right? Right. I mean, let's be honest...normal college kids don't have sealant spray laying around...

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