Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY wire rings

Another Pinterest inspired DIYs...with a little twist. (pun intended)  I saw a post about how to make a "knot ring", which really intrigued me because I have tried to make wire rings before but always end up not being able to come up with a solution for the sharp ends of the wire...I've tried filing, cutting, glueing, etc...nothing worked! So when I saw the knot ring, it dawned on me: "make the wire end at the TOP of your finger!" DUH. 

While I love the look of the knot ring, all I had was 24 gauge wire, and the knot ring would look probably cooler with 20 gauge. Solution? Find/scavenge for old/unused beads to have as the "stone" in my ring! Perfect!
So here's the play-by-play:

You'll need some wire (I used 1.5 feet), a bead of your choosing - size doesn't matter, pliers of some sort, and a highlighter or marker.

1. Measure - using your cut wire - how big you want the ring to be. Once you've decided on a finger and size, find a marker of some sort that is the same size around as your finger...this will be a "replacement finger" so you will have both hands to work with.

2. Wrap wire around chosen marker/item and poke wire ends through appropriate sides of bead hole.

3. Wrap wire around marker and through holes once more and begin to encircle bead with the wire, poking in and around other wires to ensure that the loops stay in place.

4. Once you are done wrapping bead and have used up all of the wire, use pliers to bend ends into the center as to prevent scratching of your fingers...this is where you can be a little more experimental as far as how it will best suit you to avoid scratches.

5. Voila!

***additional pictures of other rings with similar concept*** 

This final photo is of a ring made of wire alone, sort of a variation of the original knot ring...just wrapped the wire around itself until it began to take the shape of a bead.

I'm super happy with the results and even more so because I didn't spend a penny to make these beauties...I had the wire left over from a previous project and found the beads in my jewelry boxes...double win! :)

Happy DIY-ing! :)

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