Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Takes (27)

link link linking up with Jen again this week....

[1] I've been on a Staff Retreat all week and it's been really great to spend time with our newest coworker as well and bond as a team. Since we all live and work in different cities, it's a rare treat that we spend so much time together. It's be awesome, aaaaand exhausting. But mostly awesome.

[2] I am SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce the debut of the "Not Alone Series" link-up we've been talking about for so long! Jen and I have been working on the formation of this for quite some time and are really excited to get started!

We are starting this weekly series this Tuesday, June 4!

There will be a new topic each week and will discuss everything from single life to discernment to dating!
It's important to note that Jen and I (and anyone else linking up) are not necessarily providing a "how-to" to finding perfect contentment in single life....that heavy stuff should be left up to prayer and the Lord, no?
And believe me, we are seeking answers too!
We hope for this series to be about our own experiences, what has (or hasn't!) worked for us (or YOU!)  , as well as a community of people to offer encouragement and support for us all to know that we are not alone on this journey!

So please link-up with us here on June 4th! This first week just tell everyone a little bit about yourself, where you are on the singleness road (dating, single, religious life, whatever!) and what you hope to get through this series!

And if there are any topics on your heart that you would like to be discussed at some point, please do not hesitate to email me, email Jen, or comment below! (hopefully your email is linked to your name!) We are so excited and really do want this to be interactive....this is for YOU too!!!

[3] I'm pretty much brain-dead right now, so the following takes will be pictures and videos of what my week has looked like. Enjoy :)

coffee. LOTS of coffee.


[5] Catchphrasing!

gangsta-ing (my bosses)

[7] And last but not least, your prayers would be very much appreciated right now....we're headed back into fundraising mode for the next two months. Very stressful, VERY necessary and time-sensitive. I trust that the Lord will provide, and I ask that you pray for the generosity of people I am approaching! We cannot build a Culture of Life without the support of others! Thank you!

Please head over to Jen's to read more QTs!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

  2. Really looking forward to participating in the 'Not Alone Series', shall be keeping it and your fundraising efforts in my prayers.


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