Wednesday, January 9, 2013

back in the swing

I'm baaaack, I'm baaaaack, we're getting Doug baaaack! And we're the three best friends....

anyone who can name that movie will be my bff&e&e.

But seriously. I'm back. A big huge thank you to everyone who reached out with your kind words of comfort in this rough time...the funeral was yesterday and it's funny how just when you think you don't have any more tears to shed, they just show up. Though it wasn't the best of circumstances to have a family get-together, it was really great to see my extended family, especially 2 new cousins who I hadn't met yet...both little girls who're 6 mo and 4 days old, respectively. caaaan't geeeet enouuuuugh!

Today was my first day back at work and while I reeeeeally don't enjoy getting up before the sun rises...and it was especially difficult after 2 weeks of party-til-2-then-sleep-past-noon #nightowllife....I had a really good day and it felt! soooo. goooood.

Anywho.....did anyone catch The Bachelor on Monday?! While I definitely cannot top Ashley's review of the show, I will say that I'm super excited for this season.

Is the show stupid? Yes.
Would I ever apply to be on the show? Heck to the no.
But is watching 25 craycray girls fight over one supersupersuper cute and funny and sweet and cute guy totally fun? Yuuuuus.

So much drama.

I have to say, the previews make this season look pretty intense...some cat fights that even lead to hospitalization? whaaa?

And I'm already slightly bummed because the girl who I initially liked, Tierra (see above), seems like she's going to be the worst one of all. Shoooot. But she really seemed so normal and sweet in her initial interview!! And she got the first impression rose! After just meeting Sean! Gahh maybe I just like a basketcase...

AHHHHHHHH!!! She was my absolute favorite on Ben's season and for the life of me cannot remember why he bumped her....oh wait, he went for the crazy model. Riiiight. Which is why every model on this season already has a strike against her. Sorry ladies.

That's not even a real smile, dude.

Ok, I'm gonna stop before I go any further, but actually, just one more thing....that convo between Sean and Arie was suuuper awk but I was overjoyed at Arie's kissing advice because let's be honest, Sean uses wayyyyy too much tongue. ammiright?

ok I'm done. byeee.

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