Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quick Takes (18)

Back for another week of takes with Jen and crew...

[1] This season of the Bachelor is probably going to be the most confusing one I've ever watched. Every other season has at least a few "contestants" who stand out...but with this group....I don't know...they all seem to run together. Except for the girl with one arm and I'm-a-two-faced-bword Tierra. Veeeery interesting.

[2] Ok, ok, I know I promised to start a new series of DIY projects this week...I'm sorry. I totally underestimated how taxing this first week back to school with the kiddos would be. BUT I have a couple of projects on's a preview pic...

Thiiiiiiis is going to be embarrassing.

[3] Two of my very best friends who got married in September and by some chance of fate, literally live 3 blocks from me are expecting a baby in June......AND IT'S A BOY!!!
I'm so super excited because I KNEW IT and to Auntie Morgan he will be "Beardsley".
Don't's a long story.

[4] One week, people. One week.

[5] While I really tried not to make any hardcore resolutions (because I tend to set unrealistic goals), I have been trying to eat's a really big shock for me to open the fridge and find more green things than processed things on my shelf. And I've really be loving making omelettes and eating grapefruit and yogurt and all sorts of other yummy (AND HEALTHY) foods :)

[6] A big shout out of thanks to Dwija who inspired and subsequestly aided me in starting my compost pile! It's pretty meager at the moment, but I'm super excited and hope to find time someday soon to post about it. But seriously, I'm excited. I've pretty much been talking about it alllll week long.

[7] This has been circling around Facebook and just gives me more of a desire to possibly someday adopt. If nothing else, it reminds me of how precious love and LIFE are.

That's all I've got...I'm tired and starting to feel sick (although I fiiiinally got my flu shot last week) and need to rest up for our biiiiig trip to D.C. on Thurs! Have a splendid Saturday!

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