Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Takes (17)

linking up with Jen again for another round of attempting-to-be-quick takes

[1] Even though I came back into town post-Christmas later than I'd expected, my roommates are all still gone. It was nice at first because my stuff was everywhere but now I'm getting back into the mode of thinking-someone's-hiding-in-the-bedrooms-upstairs-that-I-never-going-into-because-my-room-is-on-the-first-level. Totally rational, I know.

[2] After taking a gander at my bedside table, I realized that although I always have a book that I'm reading, mayyyybe I should try to finish one of these said books.....

to my credit, I'm completely done with How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul and I'm only about 110 pages from finishing The Lucky One. But to uncredit myself, I'm only on Day 9 of The Dating Fast after starting it 3 weeks ago... (this is my second time trying to finish...last time I got to Day 7)

[3] Parenthood was back this week and I was so.excited. And then Drew and his girlfriend got pregnant and she had an abortion. I was really very very upset. I plan on writing at least one post next week about it because I noticed things that I probably wouldn't if I didn't work in the Pro-Life movement.

[4] I've made more than a few resolutions for this new year, though I've decided to call them goals because resolution doesn't feel positive enough. One of these said goals is to blog more, because I figure if Grace can post every day after just having a baby, I sure as heck can post at least a few times a week.

[5] Another one of my New Years Goals is to do more DIY/crafty things. I have so many Pinterest projects pinned that I've been wanting to try so now's as good a time as any to start trying some of them out! I'm going to try to do one per week starting Monday so check back here to see what works and what bombs...I expect the failures to be the most entertaining :)

[6] After getting annoyed with myself about lamenting to the interwebs over and over about being single and lonely and blah blah blah, I feel like I've finally gained some sanity. Not sure exactly how it happened, but last night as I was making theee most delicious stir-fry  I realized that I was content. And even more than that, I started thinking of all of the things that I want to do and become good at before Mr. Right comes along and we live happily ever after. Cooking, for example. I'm pretty good at it, but I want to be a gourmet chef whipping up 4-coursers every night. Or at least someone who has more recipes up her sleeve than just a signature squash medley (which is faaaabuous, btdubs)

[7] In two weeks I'll be headed to D.C. with 110 college students for the March for Life. Just doin' my job #likeaboss

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  1. Your reading pile looks scarily similar to my bookshelf! I loved Crystalina's book, and I'm so glad I found your blog through Quick Takes, Morgan! I love crafting, too, so I'm off to go check out your DIYs now...have a good weekend!

  2. I just finished How to Find Your Soulmate! So good! Can't wait to see those DIYs!

  3. I just wrote and long (and I am sure, amazing!) comment but it failed to upload. Here is the short version: Dawn Eden's book The Thrill of the Chaste is awesome. I know Dawn and she is extremely gracious and lovely. God bless, Cindy

  4. Gosh, it's been ages since I've read Thrill of the Chaste but it is very good.


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