Wednesday, February 20, 2013

life is good.

oh guys.....(ladies? readers?)

I love my job.

it's hard. and I'll admit, sometimes it sucks.
but I love it.

there have been a lot of bumps in the road and manymanymany hurdles that I've have to overcome but I am finally finding my footing and am so happy I stuck with it.

whilst on my weekly conference call with my [mentoring]boss, he mentioned that we need to take more time to revel in the successes of my weeks instead of spending 75% of our chat on the problems and I agree. perhaps that's why tonight was so good. and why I really didn't mind working until nearly 11pm.

because it was all good stuff. just good.

anyone who's ever worked with college students can attest that they aren't the easiest batch of folks to work with....but once you get into your groove...oh man. it's good.

that's all. I'm just happy.

.....oh and I apologize for being so.freaking.absent.
I don't mean it, I promise.
and I'm going to actually try to be better in the future.

mmkay bye.

xo, Morgan

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