Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Takes (20)

Rising from the blogging dead in order to tap out another round of takes....enjoy.

[1] Clearly, I'm still recuperating from the March for Life trip....which was two weeks ago. I'm pretty sure this is a sign that I'm getting old. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have children. Does anyone ever feel well rested after having children?

[2] Speaking of the M4L, the trip was a really great time...I have some really quality students that I work with and I'd have to say that my favorite part of the trip was attending Students for Life of America National Conference....which every year is the largest pro-life conference for students in the world. BAM!

It was a great day of world-renouned speakers and crazy happenings such as this video:

the kid in the bowtie with the megaphone is one of our kids. #soproud

[3] In other news, I'm currently house-hunting and while it was intimidating at first, there are a TON of rental properties available! We were planning on staying in the house that some missionaries and I rent together but have had a few issues as of late with management and think it's about time to start personal favorites are as follows: adorable brick, THERE'S A BAR IN THE BASEMENT!, and what the heck how is a house with that deck going for such a cheap rate?!. So we'll see. We have a couple of weeks before we know how many women will be on staff next year and so until then I'm having to hold my horses but they realllllllly don't like to be held.

[4] Any expert pasta makers out there? I'm making some homemade raviolis on Monday night and will take any advice that you have to give....hoping I don't mess it up too bad....

[5] My friend, Hannah, has discerned into religious life! Please watch this video and help her along her journey as you are able! Blessed Mother, pray for us!

[6] Do you love a good birth story as much as I do? Regardless of your answer, check out Grace's latest installment of baby Theo's arrival. And holy moly can you say "I'm never having babies because there's no way I'll ever look as good as her while in labor"? Cause I certainly can.

[7] I'm done. That was exhausting. See you in another 7 months.

Head on over to Jen's for more riveting takes.


  1. to #1.

    NO. no you will not. EVER. I told Simon I just want to feel "exhausted" ... not perpetually DEAD.

    anyway thanks for the shout out!! post out? idk ... clearly you haven't seen installment #2. puffer grace.

  2. #1: I'm right in there with Grace. Exhausted as opposed to dead would be a major improvement around here. And I *only* have two littles. :o)


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