Friday, February 22, 2013

quick takes (21)

same song and dance....linking up with Jen for another rendition of quick takes!

[1] This past weekend I traveled on over to my alma mater to spend some quality time with my bffs. garsh I miss them.

[2] Whilst (I've really been digging that word lately. whilstwhilstwhilst) in BloNo I got to visit thee cutest family with thee cutest little newborn boy. After three bee-you-tee-ful little girls, they finally got their boy :) of course, I'm the worst and didn't take any pictures of baby boy, but did snap a couple of the girls doing their musical number.

gahhh I love them.

[3] Also, one of my BFFs is preggers and we went baby clothes shopping. ohemgee. so freaking cute.
but I have one issue. ya see, they're having a boy and well, there just aren't nearly as many cute baby boy clothes as there are adorable baby girl clothes! what is up with that?! I mean, ok. There are some cute baby clothes. The little polo onesies and mini gingham shirts kill me. But they just don't compare to the little girl selection. ugh.

[4] Dudes. I can't get enough.

THRIFT SHOP (PG Radio Edit Clean version) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FEAT. WANZ from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

[5] Alright, let's get real. What with the Harlem Shake craze? ISU did it. LSFL did it. UIUC did it. The Clan did it. Who the freak is next? I vote for the Pattons, but hey, that's only 'cause I'm their #1stalkerfan

[6] Might as well keep the crazy train going....I'm sucked back into The Bachelor. Although, for the first time I waited until Miss Conductor of the Crazy Train herself was booted off. And yes, OF COURSE I'm talking about Ti-scare-a.
What.a.nightmare. oiy vey.


I hate myself for doing it but I've read all of the spoiler articles that say Catherine is "the one" but I'm not-so-secretly hoping that it's Lindsay. AshLee isn't horrible but the combo of her crazy eyes and how she refers to Sean as "that man" freaks me out juuuuust a leedle.

[6.5] and while I'm allowing people to judge me, I found Sean and Chris Harrison on Instagram this week. #bestweekever they definitely have some kind of #bromance going on there. too many hashtags? #never

[7] Am I a weirdo or does this show look hilarious? I miiiiight just add that to my must-watch list. Also, does anyone else watch The Following? ahhhh so disturbing but TOTALLY addicting. love me some Kevin Bacon.

head on over to Jen's for more riveting quick takes! happy weekend!

xo, mo


  1. What?!?!?!???

    You did not just spoil the Bach for me.

    Please please tell me it isn't true. Where were the sirens and warning lights?

    Blog probation for you

  2. Totally agree that baby girl choices tend to be more fun, but don't forget about the tiny little sweater vests for boys! Have a good weekend, Morgan!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! I love the musical scene pics!


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