Wednesday, May 23, 2012

take a chill pill.

Everything is falling together...and so very quickly!

It's funny because I've said before that I laugh at myself...well, this has become more and more of a normal occurrence. This is probably because I've become increasingly insane as the days go on, especially when I'm under some sort of stress.

For example, I called and accepted the job at SFLI on Monday and then began to go into a crazy panic whilst searching for apartments in Champaign. Sure, it's important that I find a place to live but not only do I have a whole 2 weeks (not a whole lot of time, but enough) to find a place to live and I also have a couple of friends who are willing to let me crash with them for awhile if necessary!

So here I am, Monday (remember: the day that I am officially beginning to look for apts), freaking out about nothing. Literally. I mean, it's something...but it was less than 3 hrs since I accepted the I was flipping....why?

And so I laughed at myself. And I continue to laugh because here I am, 48 hrs later with a place secured from June until August and a couple potentials leads on places to live August on.

So yeah. I'm crazy.
But things are working's like this metaphorical cliff that I've been grasping onto suddenly let down a harness and while I'm still hanging off of the edge, I feel more secure in where I'm going and what I'm doing.

All good stuff.

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