Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes (3)

This whole week has been a complete whirlwind...I graduated, moved out of an apartment in which I had been living for 2 years, drove to and from Champaign/Normal twice, had two interviews, etc. But wait, I need to leave something for the Quick Takes ;)

I GRADUATED! week ago...
it still feels very strange to think about that.

I celebrated!

 I freaking love my family, b-t-dubs.

Like, legit.

 They're the best

^ doing "The Margo Salute" ^

I moved home Saturday...and have been unpacking ever since...but not only unpacking, no. Also going through all of my worldly possessions and sorting out only the things that I want to keep...which is difficult because I seem to be somewhat of a pack-rat, and 22 years worth of pack-ratting adds up....which brings us to #4...

I'm a Catholic nerd. That's nothing new.
But I have this thing about journals and journal-ing...I've kept a diary of sorts ever since my first communion and I found ALLLLL of them while going through my stuff. Some (like my mother) may ask why I am continuing to keep all of these journals, and my answer is simple.
How do we know anything about the Saints?
Sure, personal testimonies from their relatives, but usually by the time someone is put through the canonization process, they've been dead for 20+ years...and my parents, siblings, friends, etc. won't be around at that point...and YES I DO plan on becoming a Saint thank you very much...soooo I keep a journal so that someday, when/if the Church is trying to make me a saint, they can see my struggles (and triumphs! there are some of those, too!) on a first-hand basis.

Speaking of Catholic nerdiness, maybe this is true for all devout Christians, but I have an extraordianarily large collection of religious books...I don't know if it's because of my hoarding nature or because I love having millions of books on a bookshelf or because I like having many references to back up Church teachings, but out of my entire book collection, Church/Mary-related books take up about 3/4 of the lot.

My little brother Tommy left for Berlin, Germany yesterday.

He'll be spending 13 weeks there doing research on air bubbles or something
(not really, but throughout the 3-hr explanation of his research, I zoned out a bit)
But, BERLIN! How awesome is that?! He is the first of us siblings to leave the country and while that's great and all, we'll miss him for sure.

I had 2 job interviews...on the same two different cities...3.5 hrs from one another.
They both went well, the first (a daycare) I'll be going back in on Monday to observe and see if I like the environment. The second (non-profit dream job) should get back to me TODAY about whether or not I got the we'll see! I'm sure that there will be updates here asap after I get the call...eek!

Lots of exciting things, but super scary and nerve-racking at the same time.
Prayers please :)

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