Monday, May 21, 2012


I am employed!!!!

I have been offered a position with Students for Life of Illinois, which is based out of Champaign, IL at The University of Illinois! I begin work in a couple of weeks and couldn't be more excited! AHHHH!!!!

But, of course, more than anything, I know how immensely blessed I am.

I mean, how many kids get offered their dream job 1 week after graduation?
How many kids get to work for a cause that ACTUALLY matters in the world without more than a Bachelor's?
How many kids can afford to move out of their parents' house after graduation?

Not many.
Not many.
And about 50%.

I'm not saying that this never happens, but as someone with a degree in PSYCHOLOGY, this kind of thing rarely happens. Very rarely.

So I know how blessed I am.

AND I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

[insert happy dance here]

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