Thursday, May 24, 2012

learning from the smallest among us

You know that baby smell that makes your heart melt?
Or the smell that's left behind on your top after you've been snuggling with a baby?
Or the natural smell of a newborn baby?
and no, I'm not talking about poop!

I love that smell.

this is literally what the twins look like
I spend a couple hours in the baby room at a daycare on Monday and the second I walked in, I was overcome with that sweet, new-to-this-earth baby smell. So good. And on top of it, I got to cuddle with 2 of the cutest little girls ever. E is 10 months old...such a cutie pie and was the oldest in that room while S is 6 weeks old, tiny tiny tiny with the softest hair EVER. And then today, I babysat for my neighbor's twin girls...just shy of 2. So sweet. And hilarious!
And all this time with babies just really re-confirmed for me that the Lord is calling me to motherhood...I'm not gonna go all crazy and stalk some guy into marrying me, but I'm confident that when the time is right, He'll send my Mr. Right into my life. :) And I want babies. Lots of babies.

I know that tiny babes are a lot of work and I know that they're not all smiles and cuddly little angels. But they're perfectly made so that we can realize something so much bigger than ourselves. It is through the smallest and most helpless of our human race that we can understand more fully the love of our Father in Heaven.

If you think about it, at birth, all other species are relatively capable of surviving on their own.
Have you ever seen a giraffe birth? It's super sick, but 2 minutes after that little bugger falls 6 ft to the ground, he's running around just like his mom.
Even puppies, which are born seemingly helpless, can walk/crawl soon after birth.
And the same goes for all other species.
Yes, the newborns of all other animals may need some guidance from their mothers, but after a couple weeks, all species are able to survive on their own.

But God made humans differently, and for good reason.
At birth, human newborns cannot walk, feed themselves, warm themselves, or do anything else to ensure their survival. And for the first 18 or so years of a young human's life, he/she is dependent upon his/her parents to care for him/her. It's a loooong process. And then, even after these young humans are on their own and are able to care for themselves, they still (hopefully) go back to their parents for advice and companionship. The bond between parent and child is one that lasts.

And this is SO like the love and care that our Father gives us! He's there the whole time, nurturing and caring for us, even when we don't realize it (birth-1ish), when we are desperately holding onto Him (1-3), and even when we can't stand Him and don't want Him to tell us what to do (teenage years and on?).
But He's there. And He never leaves us. Just like any good parent.

How beautiful is it that we can learn all of this from such a tiny little being?

this post totally wrote itself and took a completely different turn than I intended, but I suppose maybe that's the Holy Spirit guiding me? 
...yeah...we're gonna go with that...

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