Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I miss my Grandpa so much sometimes it hurts.
I was only 8 when he died, but it hit me really hard even at such a young age...although I'm convinced that before you're in your teens or later, you can't really fully go through the grieving process.

me and Papa in MN

I don't know what it was specifically that made me so keenly aware of the fact that I hadn't fully grieved his death, but it started sometime around freshman year of college. And as time has gone on, I'm more and more aware of how much I really miss him. How much I really wish he was here. How much I desire to make him proud.

Lynch reunion :)

And I'm so sad that he won't be here to see me graduate.
...to see me fall in love.
...to see me get married.
...to see me have children.

He won't meet my husband until we [hopefully] reunite in Heaven, and the same goes for my children. And that makes me so immensely sad. 

But I'm holding onto a tiny shred of hope that he's watching over me, praying for me, possibly even helping me along the way to get to where I need to be. He might even know where my husband is...I hope he's helping him be the best he can be. And the same goes for me...

I love him so much and I so wish that he was here so that I could give him a hug like I never gave him when he was alive.

I love you, Grandpa, and I cannot wait to see your smiling face and twinkling eyes once again.

P.S. did I mention that he took a movie star to her prom? 
Dolores Hart, such a natural beauty
yup, that's Elvis.
and that she was the first actress to kiss Elvis on screen?

and that she later became Mother Dolores? 

my Grandpa's such a stud!

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