Tuesday, May 1, 2012

things I won't miss

things about this apartment I will not miss:
  • creeeeeaky floors - soooo annoying in the morning when I'm trying to snooze for an extra 3 minutes but all I can focus on is the sound of my roommates creaking around. ugh.
  • paper-thin walls - also soooo annoying because not only can I hear my neighbors breaking up [or making up - yuck.] with their boyfriends, but again, when I'm trying to snooze, I can hear everything happening in my apartment. ugh.
  • obnoxious neighbors who use the stairwells and hallways as a garbage dump - not only have we had to pay a number of repair fees but the people in this building - and their friends - just leave stuff allll overrr the place. For example, there is currently an empty pizza box, almost ripped to shreds, just laying on one of the landings in the stairwell. whyyyyy?!
  • this horrible forest green carpet - this is probably due to the price of nicer carpet being more expensive and granted, spills don't really show up on this carpet...but gross. I hate it.
the above and other things have me actually looking forward to graduation...10 days!

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