Saturday, June 2, 2012


Welcome to family and friends who have found my blog for the first time!

Yes, this is the first time that I have announced that I have a blog, NO this blog is not new.

I've had it for awhile (as you can see from the sidebar timeline) but until now really didn't have much to say...well that's a lie, I ALWAYS have something to say :) What I mean is that until now, I didn't really see the point in sharing my URL because I never had a real focus or purpose for people to read it, I was mostly just posting random musings (feel free to check them out if you so desire!).
But now, I have officially moved out of my parent's house, am [relatively] financially independent, and have a life and "big kid" job that most will know nothing of unless I share that with them - hence the blog.

Soooo here we go! Proceed if that over-explanation of my intentions wasn't too much for you!

These past few weeks have been a total whirlwind and further understanding of how I was feeling can be found here, herehere, here, and here....I'm crazy, know.

Essentially, I was recently hired with Students for Life of Illinois! Dream come true. I'm really happy. I'll be working with college students helping them to bring a Pro-Life presence to campus! And my first day is Monday! Woot! I know how blessed I am and am very grateful to everyone who has been praying for me...thank you. Truly. Without your prayers, I may not be here so thank you.

It's crazy because I was offered the position a week following graduation and everything else has just fallen into place...and I moved down to Champaign yesterday!

Below are pictures of the house I moved into, I absolutely LOVE it. LOVE IT. It's so charming and cozy. I love it. Seriously.

the front of my house!
Black Betty made it!
enclosed front porch
door between front porch and foyer
stairs...obviously :)
entry to kitchen from foyer...the door on the R leads down to the basement and second bathroom
view of front room from foyer
front room/dining area
dining area
enclosed back porch!
front room
another view of the front room...complete with fireplace!
entry to kitchen from dining area
...and again!
view of kitchen from the back door
backyard! you can't see it very well, but there is a trampoline and in-ground fire pit back there!
more back porch
aaand again :)
upstairs now, bathroom!
view of my room from doorway
desk and misc things
another view of my room
(yes, it is blurry...I tried 3 times to get a clear picture without success)
my room from the closet
another shot from the closet
the view from one of my windows!

And a video tour of my new home can be found here, hopefully it's not too shaky for you, and if you can't hear me, just turn up the volume...I wasn't sure if some of my roommates were still sleeping or not so I was trying to be quiet lol

Love you all! Stay tuned for more updates on my life! :)

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