Tuesday, June 19, 2012

P to the ARTY

Before I begin my ramblings, I would like to ask for prayers for the Mead family, close friends of the family....they've had it rough on this ride we call life. Jack, the dad, died this Sunday from a motor-vehicle accident...a mere 6 years after the death of the their eldest son. 
Please pray for Gayle, that she can remain strong, as she always does, but also knows when to lean on others. 
Please pray for Lauren and Matt as they mourn the death of their father.
And please pray for the repose of the souls of both Jack Mead and Jack Mead, Jr.
Lord have mercy.


Alrighty, so I have a tad bit more of unsolicited advice: if your roommate ever asks if it's alright to have some people over and you say yes, make sure to clarify how many is "some".
Lesson learned.

Here's the story.
My roommate, KJ, is seriously one of the sweetest and cutest women I have ever had the pleasure to know. 
We haven't had a whole lot of time to get to know one another because she's currently in the midst of FOCUS Summer Training and she's living at the Newman Center for the time being...so when she came home on Sunday afternoon and asked if I minded if she had some people over on Monday night because FOCUS had Monday off, I happily obliged. Especially since the 2 other women who are living here full-time are out of town this entire week...I was excited to have some other people around besides me, myself and I :)

So yeah. I agreed to having some people over and we went on with our nights...blah blah blah (I know my mom hates that lol)

I went to work Monday and afterwards ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paint (I have a craft that I'm working on...will post sometime this week!) and came home to freshen up and make sure that the house was relatively clean for our expected guests.

And this is what I found in my kitchen:
...I guess we're having a party?
I'll give you one guess what those coolers were filled with...here's a hint...if you know my Granny Kay, it's her favorite beverage. ;)

I laughed for a good 5 minutes, completely caught off guard because in my mind, "some people" translates numerically to between 5-10 people max....thankfully, KJ came home soon thereafter and my face must have had what did you do?! written all over it because she let out a cautious giggle and 
"heyyyy...so I probably should have clarified...." 
Luckily, she didn't invite all 400 of the missionaries...only the second years (missionaries who have one year of work under their belt and are set out to serve their second year)...which totals around 100 people. 

But it's all good...it was really fun to have people around and to get to know a number of new people...75% of whom I cannot remember their names, but what do you expect when you meet upwards of 70 new people within a 3ish hr time-frame? Oh yeah...that's another thing...we estimated once everyone left that maybe 70ish people showed up...that's a lot of people! I knew that this was a party house! 

So it's safe to say that my week has been officially thrown completely off...I went into work today not really knowing what day it was and leaving thinking that it was Wednesday...nope. It's not like I didn't get a lot of sleep last night or anything...everyone had cleared out by about 11 (about half of them had an 8AM holy hour) and with the help of some nice peeps we had everything cleaned up by 11:45 and I was in bed by 12:15! Really though, when you have a Friday/Saturday-type party on Monday, it's really confusing that you have to get up and go to work at 9AM the next morning!

But yeah...I can tell that I'm becoming more and more incoherent in my thought processes and otherwise so I'll be done for tonight...point of post: I had fun. Yay me.


Oh and just a note about my posts...I've realized that while I enjoy using my blog to post about my daily happenings and unexpected crazy stories, I miss blogging about random things that I find interesting so I'm going to try to get myself to do that a bit more. I'll continue to post about what's going on with my life, but don't be surprised if you see that there are some random posts here and there :)

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