Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Takes (5)

Moved down to CU today.
But here are some quick Quick Takes before I fall asleep on my comp.

It's just now starting to sink in that this is my home. Like for good.
It's really insane to think that I have graduated, been offered a job, and moved to a city I've never lived in before in the span of 3 weeks.

I'm already super sad that we're not staying in this house (more on that later) because it is so freaking cute!
(stay tuned for pictures - that will come tomorrow)

I LOVE the girls I'm going to be living with for these next 2 months!
(and hopefully longer...stay tuned...)
They are all super nice and I already love them.

this is the only downer of this entire post, I swear.
Unfortunately, we have to move out of this house at the end of July.
yes. and I'm sad.
HOPEFULLY...and this isn't for certain yet, but I'm hopeful...I will be able to move with them and continue living with them...which is ideal because not only are they awesome, but...well, they're awesome.
And even moreso than my nonsensical reasoning, I think that keeping something constant is best...if I could continue living with people who (by that time) I have known for a couple months, that will be easier than transitioning again...AND trying to find a place to live...ugh.

My room is the smallest of this entire house, but I love it.
The house is old...I'm not sure how old, but it's old...and it's just cozy!
Did I mention that I love this house?!

I went grocery shopping this evening!
...not a big deal to some people, but I effectively found the stores...yay!

The Catholic world just keeps getting smaller.
This isn't really a "Quick Take", but more like a fact that is getting re-confirmed for me.
For example, one of my roommates knows this guy who is my brother's age from my old high school.
Another roommate is the maid-of-honor in my boss's wedding...and my boss is marrying my friend's old roommate.
Also, my cashier at Wal-Mart was a guy who went to my high school...we graduated the same year. hind-sight, those aren't that great, but it was cool for me. Whatever.

That's it! Check out Jen's blog for more epic if that were possible! ;)

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