Thursday, June 14, 2012

it's a fine fine life

have you heard this song?
they're my newest fav band...saw them in concert this past march? april?
and they signed my book :)

aaanyway. today was a good day, as you might have guessed from the title of this post.
let me walk you through the goodness....

1. I have a playdate on Saturday!
...aka I'm going to a movie with a friend on Saturday night and I'm excited to bond over our mutual love of The Bachelorette and other trash television shows :)

2. I sat with people at lunch!
...aka I got the guts to humble-up and ask if I could sit with some of the other staff members from SJCNC.
I just realized that while the FOCUS people are all great and it would be cool to hang out with people my own age, all 400 of them are going to be leaving at the end of June to serve at other campuses and I should probably get to know some of the people I'll be working with for the next few years...which, at the end of the day, turned out to be the best decision. I sat next to the nicest man...he's the Director of the Business office or something and was really easy to talk to and super welcoming! 2 of his daughters went to ISU, so we talked about that AND he and his wife met as a blind date! Just like my mom and dad! Awesome! He was really great and I look forward to many more conversations with him!

3. I got to see my chaplain from ISU!
...Father Peter was on his way back to BloNo and stopped in Chambana to see people he knows! Fr. PZ ( as I fondly refer to him behind his back) went to the U of I and so he knows a tonnn of people from the center...AND one of the priests here, Fr. Anthony, went to school AND seminary with him! So cool! But the downside is that he knows basically all of the I'm going to have to behave myself or else he'll know. No fun. But Fr. PZ was nice enough to take a pic of me in my new office :)

yes, we are VERY happy together...thank you for asking :)
4. A cute older woman came to my office today!
...I like old people. They're just cute. And this lady, Carole, is SUPER pro-life and SUPER Catholic, etc. And she likes to talk. A lot. So that was fun :)

5. I [almost] definitely have a place to live come August!
...I know that that sounds vague...and it is, but kind of not...see, I have been hoping to continue living with one of the girls who lives with me now...she's a missionary and totally wonderful and sweet, but as recent as this past Saturday, she was still unsure about how many rooms were in the new house...aka whether or not there would be room for me to live with her and the 3 other [new] missionaries. So yeah. But then today, she sent an email to all of us saying that she talked with the owners today and have planned to meet with them next Monday (6/25) to see the house and sign the lease....soooo I'm assuming that this means that there's room for me? I emailed her back to be sure, but I think that this is all a good sign...I mean, why would she include me if there wasn't room, right? So we'll see...but I'm relieved! Kinda.

So yeah! I had a great day! How was yours? :)

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