Sunday, June 17, 2012

wicked weekend

wicked as in wicked awesome.
maybe that's slightly too enthusiastic, but I wanted to use alliteration so just deal with it :)

aaaanyway...I have some advice for ya'll...if you ever come home from work on a Friday night and think

"oh man. I am really tired...but I also really want to hangout with people tonight...aww I'll just take a little nap"

...set an alarm. 'cause the likeliness is that you'll just keep on sleeping and eventually wake up at 3AM bright eyed and ready to rock...but it'll be waaaaay to early to actually get up. And so you'll try to sleep some more, probably succeed and end up sleeping so much that you make yourself tired. It's true. I've got proof.

so that was my Friday night....sleeping.

But Saturday I got up at 8AM...crazy early for a Saturday, yes. But when you've slept 13's not that bad....and I went to lunch with some friends from ISU who just moved to Urbana to study for their Masters degrees at U of I...super cool.

And I had a crazy thing happen, which I've been getting mixed reviews on, so please tell me if you think this is normal or if you would do this as a parent.....

I was sitting at lunch, minding my own business (probably a lie...I like to people-watch) when a family sits down at the table next to me...and they have a baby. Yup. A BABY. I love babies. Love love love. So all three of us girls are oo-ing and ahh-ing at the little girl when the mom catches my eye and to not be awkward, this exchange ensues....

Me: "She's beautiful!"
Mom: "Thanks! Do you babysit?"
Me: huh?! "Yeah!"
Mom: "Do you have a business card?"
Me: "Not with me, but I have a pen and paper!"
Mom: "Awesome! Why don't you give me your number?"

Ok. Wow.
Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that this is slightly odd, but I would NEVER randomly ask some person if they babysit, simply because they mentioned that my baby is beautiful* do they know that I'm not some serial killer or drug dealer? Huh? It's possible! I just think it's a strange situation. But maybe I'm just crazy. Also, side note...the dad kept saying "you should pass the baby over to her!" which never happened but I was like whaaa? You don't know me!

And don't worry, fam...I'm not gonna just go over to someone's house and trust that they're perfectly normal...I'll definitely bring my mace and rape whistle ;)

Moving on...then Saturday night, I went to the movies with my friend A, who also happens to be my boss's fiance...and she told him that it was a date...I'm sure he's jealous ;) But we went to see What to Expect When You're was funny and I liked the ending, but definitely a movie that you can wait until it comes out on DVD to see...a lot of innuendos, lots of inappropriate scenes...but then also a lot of babies so it all weighs out :)

And today I went to mass at St. John's, which really has to be one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been's all marble and gorgeous. Really stunning. I'll try to remember to take a picture and post later this week. Went grocery shopping and got all the fixings for potato soup! So I made some of that and the recipe can be found here. I made about 1/4 of a batch due to the tiny tiny tiny crock pot at my disposal (I know what I'm asking for for Christmas!) but it turned out pretty good, I think...maybe a bit thicker than I anticipated, but the next time I eat it, I'll just thin it out with a bit of milk :) See pictures below!

just starting to heat up!

post-blender....yup. blender.

om nom nom...deliciousness :)

 That is all around!

p.s. please pray for me to have patience this week...I'm gonna need it :)

* because, duh. my kids are gonna be gorgeous.

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