Saturday, June 30, 2012

anyone out there?

Well, I doubt anyone's reading this because all my loved ones (aka "readers") are currently in good ol' Millerville, MN....exactly where I would like to be right now. But alas, I had to go and grow up...I do get the 4th off, but it's nothing like being at the lake :(

Ah well...the good news is that I got to see one of my very best friends, Ryan, last night. That definitely helped to keep my mind off of the fact that my family was all together at the hotel last night. There was a free concert hosted by one of the Christian radio stations in town and the musician playing was Matt Maher!
He is one of my favorite Christians artists, not only because his music is fantastic, but he's also CATHOLIC. :))) I'm actually kind of disappointed in myself because I recorded a couple videos but neglected to video while he was talking before playing one of his songs...he talked for a couple minutes about The Church and how if anyone has been hurt or feels betrayed by The Church, he encourages them to come back because what do we expect? The Church is made up of us and we are all sinners, so of course we're going to get hurt at one point or another, but that's where we The Church where we can be healed.

It was just beautiful to hear him openly preaching about The Church...even if people don't know that he's talking about the Catholic Church. He's like a secret agent for The Church...breaking into mainstream Christian radio and then spreading the Good News of the Faith to the masses.

Here are some videos and pictures of the concert...I was really excited that Audrey Assad also made an appearance and SHE'S ALSO CATHOLIC!!!!!!!! She was fabulous and beautiful and is definitely one of my new favorite musicians :)

Matt Maher and band :)

Audrey Assad! She legit sounds like Sara Bareilles. Legit.

Ryan's first bar experience...we got the bracelets to prove it :)

you try to get a good picture...major fail.

Have a lovely weekend and a fun (and safe!) Fourth!

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  1. I feel like I myself am achieving creeper status, but I love your blog! Every post is so conversational and honest! Love that! As a townie, I got to see that Matt Maher concert, and his spiel about the church was definitely my favorite part! Beautiful.


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