Thursday, June 21, 2012

you have failed me, Will.

My first week of work, I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I come home post-workday, I have nothing to do! It's taken some getting used to because I'm so accustomed to coming home and if not a meeting or event to attend, I always had homework or studying or paper-writing to be done.
So stay tuned as I figure out what my hobbies are...still a work in process.

But one thing that I've always enjoyed is watching movies.
I have my favorites, but I have a ever-growing list of ones that I have yet to see.
One of these such movies is I Am Legend, featuring one of my favorite actors, Will Smith.
I watched another one of his movies, The Pursuit of Happyness, last week and LOVED it. Cried. Totally cried.

And one of the benefits of having a lot of roommates who have lived in the house for a considerable amount of time is that we have a huge collection of movies....HUGE.
So perusing through them the other night, I found I Am Legend and threw it in...I didn't really know what I was getting into but from what I remembered of the previews, I expected a post-apocalyptic storyline of survival and adventure.

!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!  

I was misinformed.
Horribly misinformed.
Especially to watch at night, in an old creaky house...ALONE.

Aside from the factors that made me already prone to jumpy-ness, it was a horrible movie. I'm so sorry, Will...I wanted to like it! I really did! But I hated it.
When I kept hearing myself say over and over "oh no...this is horrible! oh my gosh I hate this movie! I DO NOT like this" I knew it was time to turn it off. I didn't even finish it.

If you haven't seen the movie and intend to at some point, do not continue reading.

From my understanding (and the help of good ol' IMDb) the plotline was that doctors thought they found a cure for cancer...the cure went terribly wrong...and instead of just killing people like most megavirus movies, the contagion turned people (and animals) into monster/zombie/killing creatures. 
Oh, and they also weren't able to go out into sunlight or else they burn...vampire, much?
And if you get bitten or something, you might catch the virus and turn into one of those things too...which is what happened to Will Smith's dog when she was attacked by some infected wolves...oh, and Will was an army doctor and so he was trying out a bunch of anti-virus drugs on some rats in his basement (creepy) and an infected woman he had captured (even creepier) he tried to reverse the effects of the virus on his dog but it didn't work and she turned crazy and tried to kill him, so he strangled her to death. With his bare hands.
Guess when I turned the movie off? 

Bad. Bad bad bad bad baaaad.

BUT. Never fear! I didn't go to bed right then.
Convinced that I would have nightmares about that horrendous movie, I picked out what seemed to be a feel-good movie and oh man. It was fantastic. And I cried.

If you have never seen Return to Me, rent it. Watch. Oh my gosh. SO GOOD.
Seriously. Watch it.
Definitely one of my newest favorite movies...I even "liked" it on Facebook, so it's official and everything.

That's all...have a lovely night :)

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