Wednesday, October 31, 2012

so freakin' excited!

have you ever seen this video?

that's me.
that's me thinking about Thanksgiving.
that's me thinking about Thanksgiving this year in Pittsburgh.
that's me thinking about Thanksgiving this year in Pittsburgh with all of my siblings.


it's funny how as we all get older, somehow the less time we spend together, the more we like one another.
I'm not saying that we didn't love each other back when we all lived permanently under the same roof, but I think once we all began to grow up and move out, we get along a lot better. Probably the whole maturity thing helps some too :]

for Thanksgiving this year, we're road-tripping it out to Pitt to spend a few days with my broja, Tommy. and the 4 of us have not spent more than 15 hours together since Tommy left for his summer internship in Germany in May. I graduated, moved back home, and about 3 days later, T left for Berlin...then when he came back in August, I was home visiting, but by the time his flight got into Chicago, we all had 15 hrs (8 of which were spent sleeping) before I headed back to CU. Bummer.

BUT from 11/21-11/24, we will all be together once again. Huzzah.

and I'm excited.

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  1. I am sooo freakin' excited too!!! These pix are great...and you are very funny. xo


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