Sunday, October 28, 2012

STL, pt.1

gotta love adventuring.
you're welcome in advance for this first part of the detailed story of my trip to STL

a couple weekends ago, my friend Jordan and I went off to St. Louis...just cuz.
it was great.

we left Saturday morning in a car full of the wrong cds and sugar-infused snacks for STL and got into the city a little after noon at which time we headed straight to the Arch and parked on an extremely precarious incline that should one slip or trip on the bumpy cobblestone (a VERY likely possibility), one would tumble into the river. 
so naturally, I felt completely safe.

we took a couple snapshots and headed underneath the Arch in search of restrooms...but before we could "relieve ourselves" we first had to go through airport-worthy security checks. it's a good thing I kept all my explosives and switchblades at home...

after confiscating all of our contraband, we were allowed into the underbelly of the Arch and discovered a mini-museum! huzzah!
and what is a museum without totally creepy robot narrators?
upon finishing our 7 minute stroll through the museum, we ventured back out into the sunlight and discovered a gorgeous walking path! I freaking love fall. All of the colors make me so happy and grateful that we have a God who loves us enough to give us so much beauty.

this is where the story gets good.
upon finishing our walk amongst the colors, our tummys were a-rumblin' so we scavanged for a place to eat and in the meantime, paid about $1.50 in quarters on a meter which is free on weekends. doh.
Jordan thought that she'd heard about a 2 for $10 deal at Fridays so we went there first to see if that was legit...and the hostess confirmed. score.
buuuut once we sat down and opened the menus, we realized that while there is a 2 for $10 deal, it's an appetizer and entree for $10...bummer. so we skedaddled out of there real quick and went down the street to Panera ...I'm sorry, I mean St. Louis Bakery (can they DO that?!)

so we ordered, got our food and sat down...I had noticed right away when we walked in that there were about 5 guys sitting and talking in what sounded like German...I figured that it wasn't too weird because Oktoberfest was this weekend...immediately after we finished praying and began to eat our lunch, the oldest gentleman of the group, decked-out in what looked like traditional German dress, came up to our table and said to me something along the lines of "guten eatten?" (but upon further investigation, I bet he said "schmeckt gut?" aka "tastes good?) ...and I responded with a very polite "....I'm sorry?" and he repeated himself, this time with hand gestures at which time I replied with "'s good!" while holding up a piece of bread....and he walked away.
Jordan and I sat there totally stunned and proceeded to crack-up...very stealthy-like as to not embarrass our German buddy...when we realized that this preteen boy was freaking out across the restaurant...what we gathered from his squeaky utterances is that the German man is a famous singer/entertainer who was in town for Oktoberfest (which we were going to!!!)....but upon a quick Wikisearch, we couldn't find him on the interwebs so I have to assume that maybe he's not THAT famous. 

we finished our lunch whilst eavesdropping (pros, fosho) and then headed a couple blocks down the road toward the Cards stadium. NO I'M NOT A FAN. buuuut it is a sight to see, and well, since we were being touristy, I think you catch my drift.
pink fountain!!!
mixin' patterns. totes fetch.
look at all that shrubbery! in the middle of the road!!!

and who could have expected that we would find such entertainment at a baseball field?

selfie fail
we then turned around and walked back to the car...but not before coming across a bridal party! So cute!

stay tuned for part 2!

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