Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes (9)

Joining up with Jen for the second week in a row (woah now. gettin' craycray up in here)

1. Being an adult is hard. I've been totes busy this week prepping for the annual conference we hold...and its gonna be fab, but all of the last minute preparations plus my normal responsibilities might just kill me.

2. Because I've been so busy it warrants taking up 2 takes. Exhibit A: I was at work until 11PM tonight. Wowza.

3. Have extra time to pray for me? Great. While you're at it, ask St. Anthony to find my husband for me? Cause I'm having no luck.

4. Loving all of this pumpkin flavored stuff! Didn't want to jump in the bandwagon, but my fav coffeeshop has a "Frosted Pumpkin Mocha Latte" that is to.die.for.

5. College kids are funny. And loud. Didn't really notice until today...must be the whole "outside-looking-in" thing.

6. Its official: my brothers are in a contest for who can get the most injuries. No seriously. Tom just got out if his knee brace after 3+ months post-surgery, and Mike just dislocated his good knee. That's right, he's got a bad knee that's already been dislocated and surge-ified. Oiy.

7. Heading up to Chicago for the aforementioned conference at which I'll be MC-ing. Wish me luck!

Check out Jen for more quick takes!

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