Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I love having a car: Part 2

...because I no longer need to use the emergency hairspray and deodorant that I have in a drawer at the office on a daily basis (though it's probably good to have...just in case...)

...because I can do my hair in the morning and not have a helmet crease when I get to work (and no, I don't wear the helmet while I'm driving)

...because when I get to work it doesn't take a good 15 minutes for me to stop sweating.

...because I can finally wear heels and skirts to work.

...because I no longer have to depend on anyone other than myself to get around!

And since I know y'all have been waiting with bated breath for pics of the little beauty, heeeeeere you are!

You're welcome.

Any and all suggestions of what I should name her will be taken into consideration.


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