Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sorry I'm not sorry

I know its killing you waiting for me to finally return with daily posts buuuuuut that might not happen for awhile. Cause I'm exhausted, yo.
I was in Chicago yesterday and today AGAIN hanging out with supa cool Loyola and Northwestern kids and when I got back, I realized that not only was it only 5pm but its also ONLY WEDNESDAY. And to make matters worse, I'm out of rum "WHY IS ALL THE RUM GONE?!?!"
What a nightmare. And to give you an even further idea of how tired I am, I'm laying in my bed trying to get the motivation to get up and put my laundry in the dryer. Because I'm basically out of all my regular clothes and completely out if some necessities, if you know what I mean. TMI? Get over it.
I'll leave you with this pic and a promise to return asap. Perhaps this weekend.
That's some "Punking" beer, that is. Delish.


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