Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Just like other parts of the country, CU has begun to get a bit chillier as the days go on, and so this Sunday I took the time to go looking for a reasonably priced fall-type jacket. Being the cheap thrifty person that I am, I went to more than one store (try 3) to find a jacket that was not only within my price-range, but also one that I like. Because as Leigh Ann Tuohy says in The Blind Side, "If you don't absolutely love it in the store, you won't wear it."
True dat.
But that's not the point of this post...

While I was in TJMaxx (where I eventually found the lovely PURPLE jacket which I would purchase), I began to hear a canned musical (rap-ish) sound and turned around to see a couple of guys walking down the of whom was carrying his phone that was playing music.
Now, I'm positive that I'm not the only one who has thought about how great it would be if life came with a built-in soundtrack or if life was a musical a'la:

orrrrrr like this:

(side note, but that second video always reminds me of OOTI...maybe its the Caribbean feel...)


I obviously like musicals...but that's not the point. So I'm in TJMaxx...there's this guy jammin' out to his phone...and it got me thinking. Go figure.
But I started thinking about how you see so many people on the street with their headphones in, Bluetooths on, etc...and yeah, would I love to break out into song and dance at any given moment, yes. definitely. BUT we as a society, as a culture have become so "plugged in" that I wonder if we've lost a sense of what it means to just be.
I mean, to just sit in silence. To listen. To experience quiet. To feel peace. To be.

Have we lost this? I hope not. 
For me, I find peace and that silent stillness of the soul when in front of the Blessed Sacrament, but I've definitely felt it in other ways. Like in my quiet neighborhood, or really, anywhere in nature. But I'm afraid that with the way our culture has become: constantly on the go and connected, that we're starting to drift away from the awareness of quiet.
As much as I'd like to claim that I am always able to concentrate fully on finding peace in front of our Lord in Adoration, I'm guilty of getting antsy after a measly 2.4 minutes and checking my phone.

But I think that finding that inner peace and learning to be in silence is essential for our's something we all should strive for.

But if you ever want to choreograph a flash-mob musical set, let me know. I am SO there.

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