Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quick Takes (10): Hermit Edish

Hola once again.
Venturing out of my rabbit hole for another stab at some quickies.

The past two weeks have been insane, and I'm seriously considering becoming a hermit just to relax for awhile. Within the past week, I've been to Chicago twice so that in and of itself has been taxing. Which is why these quickies are a day late....also because I may or may not have slept until 2:30 this afternoon....

My roomies and I had a Halloween par-tay last night and it was a lot of fun...we, along with one of the guy missionaries, were Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Hilar.

In order to be the aformentioned bears, we had to massacre a few teddy sorry, buddies.

the donors
It was awesome to see my friend Jordan again....and yes, I am still working on a recap of our weekend in STL, complete with pictures. IT WILL HAPPEN!

a nurse and Mama Bear :)
I have yet to listen/buy TaySwift's new album. And it's pretty much killing me....cause I've listened to this song and

I'm about to break out of my hermit shell and go out with some buddies from college. #excited

check out Jen for better takes!


  1. Those teddy bears still have faces... I'm calling shenanigans. :)

  2. Like Momma, like :) Your baby sis has the CD...I listened to it in full, and can take or leave a few (too pop for this old gal), but for the most it! :)...and...your costumes are very cute, poor teddybears. :(

  3. I'm trying to figure out what part of your phone I was looking at and why it wasn't the proper one...and that 2:30 wake up was a bit disappointing on my end. Haha


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