Tuesday, October 30, 2012

STL, pt. 2

part 1

upon returning to our vehicle, we headed to THE ZOO! so.excited. and since I'm assuming we've all experienced zoos, I won't bore you with the details...
may or may not definitely was "that person"
funny story about the lemur...I had been chompin' on an apple when we walked into the zoo and the first animal house we encountered was the monkey house...easily my favorite. I LOVE monkeys.
but so I had this apple and was trying to get the animals to notice my apple and maybe act funny or something...well, I had no real success until we got to this little guy's cage and HE.WANTED.THAT.APPLE. it was hilarious...he was jumping all over the place and the little kids all around were pressing up next to me trying to get a better view...and I was moving the (by then) core back and forth and not only would the lemur move along the glass with the core, so would the children. eventually, the lemur became disinterested and put his back to me and so we moved along...with a number of children on my tail, just waiting to see what I would do next! 
I felt like the Pied Piper....but instead of rats, children followed me.
my dream.

soooooo then after the zoo, we headed out in search of Oktoberfest. I have to say, I was excited!

...but then I realized that this is OKTOBERFEST. aka crowds of drunk people wishing they were German.
which I am, btdubs.

aaaanyway, Jordan and I pressed on, paid the $5 cover and ventured into the polka pit that was Oktoberfest. wellllll we lasted, what would you say, Jordan? maybe 15 minutes? perhaps closer to 20...

we stuck around long enough to take a couple of pictures for German-clad folks, listen to some really-not-German music, watch people polka horribly, and realize that there was no way we were going to stand in the 50+ person line for some gross Coors Light.

so I took some pics...

...and a video...

...and we polka-ed our way outta there.

luckily, when we got to our hotel, it wasn't shady at all...oh wait, I should tell the truth, yes?
I think the fact that our non-smoking room smelled entirely like smoke, the window we actually did want open somehow broke and wouldn't close, and this smoke detector pretty much explain it all. And yes, I'm 67% sure that the stains on the floor weren't blood....

But after checking in, we found a sports bar in which to eat (delicious) and called it a night.

Our second day in STL was pretty chill and mainly just consisted of sleeping as best we could through the car alarms and gun shots (juuuuust kidding....), grabbing a quick bfast at Dunkin' in which I waited entirely too long for my caffeinated beverage, and headed to the Cathedral Basilica. gorgeous.

who wouldn't want to be Catholic? I mean, really.

post-mass we stopped for gas at a station that was (if you can believe it) even shadier than our hotel. wowza. It seems like we're almost magnets for shadiness. Like trees or something. See what I did there? hardy har.

Overall, a great weekend! Lotsafun :) Check out Jordan's post for a better picture of our trip ;)

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  1. Hahaha so much laughter, so little time! I think we spent more time with the apple loving monkey children than we did at Oktoberfest. Aaaand according to KJ, Panera started in St. Louis which explains the name. Who woulda thunk. Glad you finally got around to recapping our adventures :)


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