Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Takes (8)

Joining up once again for 7 Quick Takes hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary...aaaaand I'm horrible at these.

This evening will begin the epic Weekend of Fun with Jordan! She's coming down tonight and we'll leave in the morning for STL. Super pumped for nice fall weather and adventuring.

I now know why men like powertools so much.
I borrowed a powerdrill from my friend/new neighbor Pat and ohhhh mama! I love that thing!
There's just a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes with creating something new.
AND THE POWER! purely awesome.

I loooooove this cardigans-and-tights weather!
I hate freezing to death all the time, but other than that, it's great! :)

On a slightly less up-beat note, I'm probably going to have to buy a new laptop.
Either that or invest in a new battery, but I feel like it might just be worth it to go all the way.

Have you ever seen this movie? Very strange.

Umm can we talk a little bit about how immature Joe Biden's behavior was last night during the VP debate? I mean, could he have shown Ryan just a little bit of respect? Apparently not.

And him claiming to be Catholic and that his faith is very important to him? I'm truly not one to judge, but as they say..."actions speak louder"....yup.
I'm also not super happy with Paul Ryan's stance on abortion with all of those "exceptions", but I have to believe that it's a step in the right direction.
Better to have restrictions on abortion rather than the free-for-all killing spree under Obama's regime.

And Biden lied about the HHS mandate, btdubs.
Catholic hospitals, schools, etc. WILL be impacted by it.


Sorry...I'm just not done with this politics talk...but let's move onto Obama.
I didn't watch the initial Presidential debate, but I listened to it today...and I'm just a leeedle sick of hearing "if I'm elected for another term, blah blah blah" ummm we're hearing the SAME PROMISES that he told us FOUR YEARS AGO! What the heck.
He talks about getting stuff done, but in reality, he's had a whooooole lotta time to "get stuff done" and what has he done so far? Nothing.

thaaaaaat's all folks!
go ahead and try to have a better weekend than me. I dare ya.

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