Friday, October 5, 2012

la la la laaaaave it.

going on a few trips the next couple of weekends. #excited

this weekend I'll be trekking to good ol' BloNo for Friday night....hanging with some of my very favorite people and staying with my very favorite engaged friend.

and NEXT weekend I'm heading to St. Louis with my favorite new friend, Jordan (who's hilarous, btw...checkcheck check her ouuut!)....just cause :) Excited to spend Saturday and Sunday acting like far, our "must do" list includes touring Anheuser-Busch, going to the FREE zoo, celebrating being German at the Oktoberfest, checking out the Card's stadium (boooo), and going to the Arch, obvi.

big plans up ahead, and this week just flewww by!

have a happy autumny weekend! :)

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