Thursday, November 1, 2012

thrifty thursday

Goodwill has ruined me for every other clothing store.

It's the both the best and worst thing that could happen. Because I went to TJMAXX which is basically the cheapest clothing store around here (unfortunately, we don't have ROSS) and not only was there really not too much that I found appealing, but I now have a hard time justifying paying $12+ for a top! Even $10 is pushing it...I mean, I'll do it, but I better REALLY like that top.

Plus, the whole time I was browsing, all I could think was "I could find cuter clothes for MUCH cheaper at Goodwill"

And so I went.

And score I did.

Before I brag about my amazing finds, I would just like to give a shout out of thanks to my mother who never placed importance or worth on brand names. Growing up, if you liked it and you would wear it, it didn't matter if it came from a department store or if it was long as it was reasonably priced. And buying $100 jeans just doesn't make sense. So thanks Mom :)

So yes. There are such cute clothes at thrift stores! AND CHEAP! Plus, it's eco-friendly. I think...

Here we go. I found 3 tops that I'm TOTALLY happy with...and the estimated retail value of similar products can be found below.

The Goodwill price for each item? $2.99

For those of you who need a calculator to figure out my savings, I'm way ahead of you. By "buying green", I saved about $149. Not that I would ever buy the brands showcased above unless the prices were slashed, but my point is that I was able to buy chic, well-made clothing WAY below the original price simply because I'm not a snob when it comes to where my clothing comes from.

So thanks Mom, and thanks hipsters for making thrifting "in".

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  1. YAY for you! Stylish, smart done good! Glad you soaked in those 'life's lessons'...I am VERY proud of you, and you are welcome!


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