Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I wore Thanksgiving

Now that I've finally recovered from my "break" in which the fam and I drove to and from Chicago to Pittsburgh to be with my brotha who attends PITT, I'm getting around to posting this little number. Thank God Grace gave me a million years to get it together. Many thanks.

I'm going to go slightly off the beaten trail and post the majority of the outfits I wore throughout the trip to make up for my tardiness...lucky you.

Let's start with what I wore TO PTown.

Yes, that's a whole lot of monochrome action going on.
Lucky, what you can't see is what's underneath...a striped peplum top with that scarf! My mother was horrified that I'd mix THAT MUCH into one outfit. Oiy.
Also, the lighting is slightly off...the pants are more of an orchid color while the jacket is magenta. HUGE difference, people.

Moving right along....we spent the majority of Thanksgiving day walking around the campus.
Everyone was oo-ing and ahh-ing over the gorgeous weather and greenery while I was failing at teaching my sister how to take a decent photo of me.

She hateshateshates that picture of herself, but I don't care.

For dinner, we got all schnazzyed up for my brother's roommate's family's follow?

I love tights. And cardigans.

Friday, we walked around the city of Pittsburgh and froze our tooshies off...but it was fun and at some point I'll have to post some of the craycray pics that we took. It is impossible to take a serious picture in this fam. forreals.

Simple, comfy, and def not weather opprop.

And so there you have it. Hope all of your ever-needing-to-know-what-I'm-wearing needs are fulfilled.

the deets

monochrome magic
pants: Kohls
jacket: TJMaxx
scarf: ROSS
shoes: Target

Tara (L) (these are all assumptions...)
pants: Kohls
top: Kohls
scarf: Walmart
boots: Kohls?
hair: God

moi (R)
cardigan: Old Navy
top: American Eagle (thrifted)
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Target

thanksgiving night
cardigan: Old Navy
top: Old Navy
skirt: ROSS
boots: Kohls

top: Old Navy
jeans: Old Navy
scarf: TJMaxx
shoes: Target

...just realized that most of my wardrobe is from ON clearance racks...


  1. wow. I think MAYBE one other person submitted as many outfits .... I think I wear that many outfits in a month.

    check the Vlog post comments .. someone comes back to check for YOUR hilarious comments --- don't disappoint them. ha!

    and you are looking goooood .... why does your sis hate that pic?!

    1. Definitely only wear this many different pieces of clothing on special occasions :)

      aaand "that's not my REAL smiiiile" ahh to be 16 again...not.

  2. "I love tights. And cardigans." Me too! #catholicgirlproblems


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