Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick Takes (14)

back once again for another round of Quick Takes....let's just jump right on in.

[1] After my mother and dear sister had aneurysms over the amount of sugar I put into my coffee over tgiving break, I've been trying to cut out my daily intake of sugar, which for some reason has resulted in me taking on a relatively vegetarian-looking diet. Don't ask me why. I get lunch for free at work, which is pretty quality dorm-food but at home I've been living on eggs, butternut squash, and cheese. I'm easy to please. Obvi.

[2] While I'm on the topic of food, lately, I've been the worst judge of ripe fruit.

After a run in with these apparent "dino eggs", a couple too many under-ripe peaches, and several not-ready pears, I became wary of fruit that wasn't squishy (because hard = not ripe, soft = I right?). But this theory proved to be hazardous for a friend who had one of my peaches (that I conveniently leave on my desk because who doesn't store their ripening fruit at work?!) and upon biting into it, declared that it was, and I quote, "horrible".
BUT this week, I've struck fruit gold and have had 3 consecutive days of good pears and oranges! Success!

[3] Obviously my life is super exciting since the highlight of my week was ripe fruit. But just to keep the embarrassing train going, the other highlight of my week was my absolute favorite blogger and internet celebrity, Grace Marie Patton (is it creepy that I know her middle name? probably.), commented on one of my posts
Of course, now I'm convinced that we're BFF&E&E even though it was her link-up so she probably has to comment on all of the contributing posts by the laws of link-ups.
But I'll live in my fantasty, thank you very much :)

[4] Should I be worried that is one of my referring URLs?

[5] I'm going to have to buy a new computer soon. Ugggggh. I've had my current one since HS graduation and to be honest, I haven't been super nice to it, I'm actually shocked it's lasted this long...
It's really frustrating that I'm having to replace things: first my car and now a new laptop. Urgh. If you have any suggestions on brands, please do share...but I'm probably going to go with either this one or this one.

[6] If you have any soup recipes, please pass them along? kthanks.

[7] Heading to Warren/Lena, IL this weekend for some parish talks! Please pray for me!!!

Head over to Jen's for más diversión (more fun for those who aren't as cultured as I ;)


  1. #4 Nicely sandwiched between The Veil and Agape. :)

  2. I didn't catch that, veilofchastity! That's hilarious.

    Soups? I got soups. What kind ya want? As for fruit...I feel your pain. I haven't gotten any bad apples in a while (pun intended) but that can only mean the time is overdue...

    1. Yes please! Anything crockpot friendly would be much appreciated! If email works for you, any and all recipes can be sent to
      Thank you, my dear! :)

  3. Haha. I am also terrible at picking out any kind of produce. I always pretend like I'm looking for something but really, I have no idea.


  4. Hi, I am new to your blog thanks to quick takes! #4 is hilarious and #5 laptop from right after my HS graduation is just about to be dead! As in only the Genius Bar at the Apple Store was able to turn it on this week. Sad.

  5. It could be worse, I have UglyStat referring people to me.... Random as I don't know what!! haha!

    1. No way! I'm sorry but that's kind of hilarious :)

    2. I've got vampirestat, uglystat, and zombiestat...not sure what the deal with that is!


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