Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

My very first WIWS! I've been perusing the posts for a few weeks now and decided that it's about time that I join in on the fun :)

This weekend, I travelled to Warren and Lena, IL to give talks at some parishes up there about SFLI. The pastor of all three churches is my former pastor, Father Max. He's the reason that I got involved in the pro-life movement and it was so great to see him!

4 masses and 530 miles later, I'm happy to be home.

This was my view this morning.

In a place without cell reception and more country radio stations than one could ever listen to, I was happy as a clam. Oh, and you know how whenever you go somewhere, whether it be for one night or five, you ALWAYS forget something? Well, this time I forgot my makeup bag.
Good job dummy.
Now, I'm not one of those I-can't-leave-the-house-without-my-face-on people...but when you're giving fundraising talks post-mass, its usually a good idea to be able to cover-up dark circles and draw on some eyelashes. Good thing I had my trusty compact which helped a whole lot...that combined with some 8 year old mascara I found in my purse helped my face perk right up.

Thus why the pic is headless. Believe me, you're welcome.

The deets
dress: ROSS ($12!!!!)
cardigan: Old Navy (duh)
belt: no idea...came with a shirt I don't wear...
boots: (19.95!!!)

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  1. LOVE this outfit! The dress is great and I love it with the belted cardi and boots.

  2. I love that color blue! :) Great look overall! I am sure people were so enthralled in your talk they didn't even notice the makeup. :)

  3. Love the whole look but especially that dress!!

  4. So glad I found your blog, Morgan! Your outfit's so cute; I love the turquoise and gray combo!

  5. That blue really pops- pretty! I don't know how many times I've had a dang-it-I-forgot-my-makeup moment :-P I usually do my makeup on the way to Mass so that we can leave a little earlier (er, I can sleep a little more). It's such a tragic feeling.

    1. Haha I've also applied makeup in the way to while driving....unsafe? Maybe.
      Worth the extra 5 minutes in bed? Fosho.

  6. That dress is adorable! I almost bought some boots from JustFab the other day but I was worried that they wouldn't be comfortable. Do you like yours?


  7. That outfit is SO adorable. The color of the sweater is just beautiful. It looks like a display in a shop window. Lovely!

  8. I love the gray and blue together! Those boots look great for the price too!

  9. The jury's still out, but I'm not so sure I prefer headless Morgan.

  10. The morning after our wedding i realized my maid of honor still had my toiletries and makeup bag. We were going to mass that morning to meet up with the friends and family who were still in town. I don't know about how y'all looked the morning after your wedding but i looked beat! I insisted we do an emergency run to the CVS to pick up blush and mascara. Love the grey and blue.


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