Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crafty Christmas: Paint Chip Coasters

I love giving gifts...I truly do get more joy out of giving a fabulous gift that the person recieving it loves.
And this is why one of my favorite gifts to gift is homemade coasters.

They're impressive, they're useful, and they're SUPER easy to make.

I've made coasters before, but wanted to do something different this time around....and thus came paint chip coasters!

I've seen other paint chip coasters on Pinterest, but honestly, I felt like I could do something a bit better than what I found on there...

I got the tiles [[$0.13 each!]] and paint chips [[free!!!]], and had decided upon the gradient theme with general colors being yellow, green, pink/purple, and orange.

Then came up with the designs for each coaster (really helpful as to allow things to go smoother throughout the actual putting-together phase)

The basic idea is to mod podge the paper to the tile and then spray with a moisture resistant sealant...when making photo coasters, I advise against mod podging the top of the pictures, but with these paint chips, I mod podged both sides and then sprayed.

Then adding felt to the four corners of the bottom of the tile to avoid scratching and voila! The perfect gift!

I gave these to my dear friend Claire and she loved them :)

Stay tuned for other Crafty Christmas gifts!

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  1. Those are awesome! And I agree that they're much better than the pin.terest ones.


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