Friday, December 7, 2012

Quick Takes (15)

guess who's back, back again...let's just dive on into the craziness....

[1] hold up. it's Friday already?! where did this week go?! I seriously feel like the week JUST started. it probably went by quickly because all I've been doing this week is our Christmas mailing and frantically getting people to pay for the March for Life trip. #prolifeproblems

[2] I bought a new computer this week. ohhh yeah. it's cute and fast and I can use it while it's unplugged for 4+hours. it's pretty fantastic.

[3] my grandma is the cutest and she reads my blog, but doesn't know how to comment directly on the posts, so she emails me her favorite one from this week was:
"Confucius say: 'Having no husband, better than wrong husband!'"
hilarious. and veryvery true

it makes me sooooo happy to decorate and celebrate and bake cookies and watch Christmas movies and yeah. this time of the year is one of my absolute favorites. :)

[5] my boss tried to convince me to design his and his wife's very first Christmas card together...when he asked me what he would have to pay me to complete such a task, I replied "pay me in coffee...lots of coffee. or babies." because obviously lots of coffee and babies are equivalent.

[6] I'm tending the mocktail bar at the Newman Center's Winter Formal tonight....just a day in the life....

[7] I got nothing...check out Conversion Diary for manymanymany more exciting takes!


  1. Haha about the babies and coffee being equivalent! I'm not a coffee drinker, but there are days I put chocolate and babies on the same level!

    I love your grandma's comment! My mom and my grandma both read my blog and I'll get texts/e-mails from my mom and e-mails from my grandma, they are just so cute!

  2. You definitely have one AWESOME granny! ...and honestly, she IS almost always right. We are soooo lucky! :)


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