Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I Wore on Christmas

coming out of my new clothes and chocolate littered cave to participate in Grace's Christmas link-up

The fam has been doing midnight mass for the past few years....which has turned semi-hazardous ever since I became "legal" and include deliciouso red moscato with dinner....if you think that midnight mass would be hard to stay awake through, try having a couple of glasses of red pre-mass. This year wasn't horrible, I maintained altertness thanks to the rowdy children (and adults!) in front and behind us who obviously haven't been to mass since last Christmas. Not that I'm judging....

 thanks to the sister for capturing all flattering pics

Christmas Day itself is pretty chill around here and as my mother says, you know you've got a house full of teens and older when the parents are the ones waking everyone up to open presents. Just so you can get an idea of what my apparel will consist of all day today:

Photo credit goes to the I'm-not-getting-out-of-this-chair-so-deal-with-the-awkward-angle sister and photo-bombing credit goes to mi padre. And they wonder where I got my skillz.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

midnight mass
top: Old Navy
skirt: White House Black Market
scarf: Marshalls?
wine: Barefoot Red Moscato

christmas laziness
sweater: stolen from Dad's closet
flannels: brother hand-me-downs
slippers: Old Navy


  1. I love that skirt! So pretty! Merry Christmas!

  2. Great scarf for Mass and if we didn't have to leave the house to go to the In-laws for lunch I would have TOTALLY stayed in my PJs all day.

  3. Love your outfit, and so lucky that you got to stay in PJs :) Merry Christmas.

  4. ok I feel like a HUGE idiot or maybe I'm just forgetful but HOW did I not know about your blog???

    and you've earned your frequent comment card bc simon asked, "so -- does Morgan have kids?" yesterday. ha!! i love it.

    anyway -- looking stellar -- esp LOVE the drink pic. off to subscribe to your blog!! no more hiding!!

  5. Great skirt! There is no way I'd be able to pull off the red moscato because my face would turn the same color as it! Merry Christmas!


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